Adam Brody

Brody in 2011, photo by s_bukley /

Birth Name: Adam Jared Brody

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 15, 1979

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Adam Brody is an American actor, writer, musician, and producer. He is known for starring in the television series The O.C. and the films In the Land of Women and Ready or Not, among many others.

Adam’s parents, Valerie (Siefman) and Mark Brody, are both Jewish, and are both originally from Michigan. Adam had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony. He is married to actress Leighton Meester, with whom he has two children.

Adam’s paternal grandfather is Bernard W. “Bernie” Brody (the son of Jacob Brody and Minnie Klein). Bernard was born in Michigan. Jacob was born in either Poland or Russia, to Jewish parents, Boric Brody and Minnie. Adam’s great-grandmother Minnie Klein was also a Jewish emigrant, also from either Poland or Russia; her father’s name was Samuel.

Adam’s paternal grandmother is Lenore/Lee Yovitz (the daughter of Max Yovitz and Fanny Yovis). Lenore was born in Michigan. Max was a Russian Jewish immigrant. Fanny was also born in Russia, to Jewish parents, Meyer Yovis and Anne.

Adam’s maternal grandfather was Harold W. “Harry” Siefman (the son of Jacob “Jack” Siefman/Seifman and Lillian ). Harold was born in Michigan, to Jewish emigrants from Eastern Europe, either Poland or Russia, depending on the census.

Adam’s maternal grandmother was Beatrice Ceceile/Ceceille Waxman (the daughter of Louis Waxman and Clara Weinsweig). Beatrice was from a Canadian Jewish family. Clara was the daughter of Moishe/Morris Weinsweig/Wienzweig and Esther Toba Klein/Kleinman. Adam’s great-great-grandmother Esther was the daughter of Moshe Aron Kleinman/Kleinmitz and Celia Lilian Fleishman, who was born in Ostrowiec, Ostrowiec County, Swietokrzyskie, Poland.

Adam’s matrilineal line can be traced to his great-great-great-great-grandparents, Israel Chaim Fleishman and Kayla.

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  1. WTF says:

    yep he looks 100% jewish. he’s cute too

  2. Brady says:

    I thought i had light brown hair:[

  3. J.J. says:

    correction; his eyes are forest green (green w brown) and his hair is dark brown (brunet)

    • Alice says:

      J.J. I’ve never heard of forest green before. Most people would say his eyes are brown or hazel. If someone’s eyes are green they shouldn’t have any brown in them.

      • J.J. says:

        I fail to see what you’re talking about, green eyes are never a solid colour as they occur when mixing blue with brown, so there is no such thing as ‘solid green eyes’ and eyes that appear to be a strong/pure green colour would actually be blue/grey with yellow/brown tones when observed in strong lighting and from good distance. As for his eyes being hazel, hazel eyes are light brown in colour with yellow, orange or red tints, basically an eye that resembles the colour of a hazelnut hence the word hazel, however in North America there is a misconception that hazel eyes are green and gold/brown or any multi coloured iris (blue, grey or green with brown around the pupil) which doesn’t make sense as a hazelnut doesn’t have any blue, grey or green colouration and the first reference to eyes being described as the colour hazel was by William Shakespeare in which he compared a persons eyes to the reddish brown colour of a ripe hazelnut. So considering his eyes are green with brown around the pupil (basically 2 colours in the same iris and the true colour is always the outer colour) I think the term ‘forest green’ goes quite nicely, you could however call them, green with brown or green and brown or maybe the term ‘mixed green’ would work better for you, either way they deserve a title that implies that they’re multi-coloured but still come under the green category, and if you think his eyes deserve the title of hazel perhaps you should research the north American hazel eye misconception and you’ll see that hazel has become a distorted word as people have started inaccurately using it to identify any multi-coloured iris rather than using it for it’s primary meaning which is just light brown (a word initially used to make brown eyes sound nicer).

      • J.J. says:

        all those green eyes are fake/photoshoped, adam brody clearly has green colouration in his eyes and are much more realistic looking than your example of green eyes, and no you’re completely wrong, solid green eyes do not exist because green is a combination of blue and brown, you can have solid blue eyes (rare) and you can have solid brown eyes but green occurs when light yellow/brown pigment is present in a blue/grey iris causing it to go green, no one has ‘pure green’ eyes, do your research mate and while your at it, how about observing peoples eyes more closely in person rather than googling green eyes, I guarantee you any one you know that you think has green eyes wouldn’t be so green if you took a good look at them

        • smiley says:

          I have family members with pure green eyes.

          • J.J. says:

            clearly you haven’t been paying close enough attention then, no one has pure green eyes, seriously you’re talking to someone that’s been researching eye colour and observing peoples eye colours for years, yet you think you can come along with your pathetic little ignorant attitudes, thinking eyes can be pure green and that hazel is green and brown. Do some proper research and you’ll realise how stupid you sound. Don’t argue a subject to which you clearly know nothing about

        • smiley says:

          Do you have a doctorate in eye color classification?

  4. JasonBaker says:

    He´s extremely good-looking :3.

  5. albert says:

    Brody is not an Israeli name..beleive it comes from Ireland.

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