Mike Stud

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Birth Name: Michael Francis Seander

Place of Birth: Cranston, Rhode Island, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 30, 1988

Ethnicity: Swedish, English, Irish

Mike Stud is an American hip hop recording artist.

Mike is the son of Mary (Connolly) and Michael Francis Seander, Sr.

Mike’s paternal grandfather was Eugene/Eugent Graal Seander (the son of Maud). Eugene likely was of Swedish descent. Maud was possibly born Maud Helena Arhusiander in Stockholm, Sweden, the daughter of Per Hjalmar Arhusiander and Kerstin Maria Carlsson/Karlsson.

Mike’s paternal grandmother was Joan M. Vaughan (the daughter of Harry/Henry Francis Vaughan, Sr. and Marian). Harry was the son of Michael P. Vaughan, who was English, and of Margaret Sullivan, whose parents were Irish. Marian was born in Rhode Island.

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Photo by kathclick/www.bigstockphoto.com/


Jennifer Wayne

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Jennifer Wayne – 51st Academy of Country Music Awards – Arrivals – MGM Grand Garden Arena Arena – Las Vegas, NV, USA – Photo Credit: PRN / PRPhotos.com

Birth Name: Jennifer Anne Kuhle

Place of Birth: Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: April 1, 1982

Ethnicity: Peruvian (maternal grandmother), German, Irish, Swedish, English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, 1/32 Swiss and/or Austrian

Jennifer Wayne is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She is the daughter of Aissa Wayne and Earl Lawrence Kuhle II.

Jennifer’s father was of German, one quarter Irish, one quarter Swedish, and one sixteenth Swiss and/or Austrian, descent. Her mother was of English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, and Irish ancestry on one side, and Peruvian on the other.

Her cousin is actor and producer Brendan Wayne.

Jennifer’s paternal grandfather was Earl Lawrence Kuhle (the son of August/Augustus Henry Kuhle and Elizabeth Rosella Lacy). Earl was born in Illinois. August was the son of German parents, Ferdinand Herman Kuhle and Christiana Jane Keister, who was possibly born in Czechoslovakia. Elizabeth was the daughter of Irish parents, John Lacy and Margaret Ryan.

Jennifer’s paternal grandmother was June Audrey Bilgere (the daughter of Charles Clarence Bilgere and Agnes Wilhelmine Johanson). June was born in Illinois. Charles’ father, Michael John Bilgere/Bilgeri, was born in Illinois, to a Swiss and/or Austrian father, and a German mother. Charles’ mother, Susan C. Schlader, was born in Alsace, France, of ethnic German descent. Jennifer’s great-grandmother Agnes was born in Wisconsin, to Swedish parents, Alfred Johanson and Wilhelmine Erickson.

Jennifer’s maternal grandfather was actor, director, and producer John Wayne (born Marion Robert Morrison, the son of Clyde Leonard Morrison and Mary Alberta Brown). John was born in Iowa. Clyde was the son of Marion Mitchell Morrison and Wealtha Chase Parsons, and had English and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish ancestry. Mary was the daughter of Robert Emmet Brown, who had Scots-Irish/Northern Irish ancestry, and of Margaret Cullenan or Kennedy, who was Irish.

Jennifer’s maternal grandmother was actress Pilar Pallete (the daughter of Miguel Arturo Pallete and Carmela). Pilar was born in Paita, Peru.

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Chad Lindberg

by stlucas on June 3, 2018

Chad Lindberg – “Alex Cross” Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – ArcLight Cinemas – Hollywood, CA, USA – Keywords: Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – False – Photo Credit: Glenn Harris / PR Photos

Birth Name: Chad Tyler Lindberg

Place of Birth: Mount Vernon, Washington, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 1, 1976

Ethnicity: Swedish, German, English, Scottish, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish

Chad Lindberg is an American actor.

Chad is the son of Luwana L. (Vogel) and Peter Jay “Pete” Lindberg.

Chad’s maternal grandfather was Lewis R. Vogel (the son of Arthur Philip Vogel and Genevieve Lula/Luella “Jenny” Ferguson). Lewis was born in Washington. Arthur was the son of Philip/Phillip Lewis/Louis Carl Vogel, whose parents were German, and of Louise Karoline Meyer, who was German. Genevieve was the daughter of Robert Mason Ferguson and Bertha Hayes Webb.

Chad’s maternal grandmother was Mary Hazel Armstrong (the daughter of Edward Cyris/Cyrus Armstrong and Martha Mae Harris). Mary was born in Kansas. Edward was the son of William P. Armstrong and Cora. Martha was the daughter of Albert Harry Harris and Willie/Willa Anna Jones.

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Justine Lupe

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Justine Lupe – HBO’s “Succession” New York City Premiere – Arrivals – Time Warner Center – New York City, NY, USA – Keywords: Drama, television Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – – Photo Credit: Michael Sherer / PRPhotos.com

Birth Name: Justine Lupe-Schomp

Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 31, 1989

Ethnicity: English, Irish, German, Swedish, 1/8th Italian, 1/8th Czech, some Dutch

Justine Lupe is an American television and film actress.

Justine is the daughter of Katherine Elizabeth “Kiki” (Schomp) and John Thomas Lupe. Justine has a brother, Colin.

Justine’s father is of Italian, Czech, English, Swedish, German, and some Dutch descent. Justine’s mother has English, Irish, and German, as well as distant Dutch and Swedish, ancestry.

Justine’s paternal grandfather likely was Edward Francis Lupe, Sr. (the son of Theodore Edward “Ted” Lupe and Eliska/Elsie Anna “Annie” Rezicka). Theodore was the son of Italian parents, Frank Lupe and Mary Bulletset/Bulletsett. Anna was born in Wisconsin, to parents from Moravia and Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Frank Rezicka/Ruzicka and Annie Tregler/Fregler.

Justine’s paternal grandmother likely was Leanna Katherine Olson (the daughter of Jacob Olson and Videlli/Videla Bloomfield). Jacob was from Malmö, Sweden. Videlli was the daughter of John Lee Bloomfield and Hannah Catherine Gritton.

Justine’s maternal grandfather was Ralph Savage Schomp (the son of Ralph Clifford Schomp and Ann/Anna Elizabeth Savage). Ralph was the son of Justus Elmer Schomp and Harriet Jane Knight. Ann was the daughter of John Mulkey Savage and Jane Wait.

Justine’s maternal grandmother was Katherine Jeanette “Kay” Weaver (the daughter of Roy Jonathan Weaver and Halcyon Hannah Nye). Roy was the son of Franklin L. Weaver and Mary Isadore Gaver. Halcyon was the daughter of Henry Lawrence Nye and Catherine Elenore Fuller.

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Michael Raymond-James

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Michael Raymond-James – “The Finest Hours” World Premiere – Arrrivals – TCL Chinese Theatre – Hollywood, CA, USA – Keywords: Vertical, TCL Chinese Theater, Disney, Film Premiere, Movie Premiere, Arrival, Portrait, Photography, Film Industry, Red Carpet Event, Arts Culture and Entertainment, Celebrities, Celebrity, Topix, Bestof, Mann Theaters, “The Finest Hours” Los Angeles Premiere, California Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – False – Photo Credit: PRPhotos.com

Birth Name: Michael R. Weverstad

Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 24, 1977

Ethnicity: Norwegian (one quarter), French-Canadian (one quarter), Swedish (one eighth), German, English, Irish

Michael Raymond-James is an American actor.

Michael is the son of Michele Ann and Alan Ray Weverstad. Michael was raised in Clarkston, Michigan.

Michael’s paternal grandfather was Raymond Earl Weverstad (the son of Arthur E. Weverstad and Wilhelmina F. “Minnie” Schutte). Arthur was born in Wisconsin, to parents from Norway, Nicolai Mekale Hansen Weverstad and Caroline Bergit Olsen Gjesme. Wilhelmina was born in Iowa, to parents from Germany.

Michael’s paternal grandmother was Dorothy M. Peterson (the daughter of Martin B. Peterson and Hannah M. Pearson). Martin was the son of Olaus Peterson, whose parents were Norwegian, and of Julia G. Bergquist, whose parents were also Norwegian. Hannah was the daughter of Swedish parents, Frank Marten “Frans” Pearson and Marie Louise Kohrtz.

Michael’s maternal grandfather was Joseph H. Belisle (the son of Arsine/Arsen Joseph Belisle and Emma Josephine Peloquin). Arsine was the son of Alfred Joseph Belisle, who was French-Canadian, and of Marie Rose LaBonne, whose parents were French-Canadian. Emma was the daughter of Felix Peloquin, who was French-Canadian, and of Catherine LaBarre, whose parents were French-Canadian.

Michael’s maternal grandmother was Darlene Caldwell (the daughter of Floyd Caldwell and Leona Sharks). Floyd was the son of George Caldwell and Etta Dunlap. Leona was the daughter of Isaac Sharks and a woman surnamed Stouffer.

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