Nora Zehetner

Zehetner at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA. 09-18-08, s_bukley/

Birth Name: Nora Angela Zehetner

Place of Birth: El Paso, El Paso, Texas, United States

Date of Birth: February 5, 1981

*father – Austrian, Spanish
*maternal grandfather – Norwegian, Swedish, German
*maternal grandmother – English, some Irish

Nora Zehetner is an American actress. Her roles include the series Everwood, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Seattle Grace: On Call, Maron, Designated Survivor, and The Right Stuff (2020); the films Tart, May (2002), Brick, Conversations with Other Women, Fifty Pills, Beneath (2007), Remarkable Power, The Brothers Bloom, Imperial Dreams, Creative Control, and Blood for Dust; and the made-for-tv movie Princess (2008).

Her father was raised mostly in London, England. Her paternal uncle is an Austrian citizen.

Nora’s paternal grandfather possibly was named Johann Zehetner (the son of Karl Zehetner and Ernestine). Johann was born in Vienna, Austria.

Nora’s paternal grandmother was named Angela Perez. Angela was Spanish. Nora has stated that her grandmother was from “Morocco and Spain.” A picture of Nora’s grandmother can be seen here.

Nora’s maternal grandfather was Stanley Orlando Nelson (the son of Oscar T. Nelson and Julia Maranda Hankey). Oscar was born in Norway, the son of Thoger Nelson, who was Swedish, and of Malia, who was Norwegian. Julia was the daughter of Julius Hankey, who was German, and of Bereth Martha Ness, who was Norwegian.

Nora’s maternal grandmother was Reba Norene Weedn (the daughter of Alva James Weedn and Ollie Ray). Alva was the son of Lafayette Weedn and Mary Julia McDaniel. Ollie was the daughter of John Casey Ray and Nancy Jane King.

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  1. madman says:

    Some things I didn’t include in the profile:

    Her father grew up partly in London, England (most of his family still lives there), and likely in Spain. I don’t know where he was born (but probably in Europe).

    I think the Austrian ancestry must be very recent because her uncle is listed as an Austrian citizen here:

    I assumed Angela’s surname was Perez because Nora’s father had the full surname Zehetner Perez here:

    When asked on Instagram where her grandmother was from, Nora replied “Morocco and Spain”. It doesn’t have to imply Moroccan ancestry but it can.

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