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by follers on May 24, 2014

Robin Williams arriving at The 33rd Annual People's Choice Award

Birth Name: Robin McLaurin Williams

Date of Birth: July 21, 1951

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Death: August 11, 2014

Place of Death: Tiburon, California

Ethnicity: English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, German, French

Robin Williams was an American comedian, actor, director, producer, writer, and singer. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Good Will Hunting (1997). He was the son of Laura McLaurin (Janin; later Smith) and Robert Fitzgerald Williams.

Robin had English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, German, and French, ancestry. He was raised an Episcopalian. Robin’s maternal great-great-grandfather, Anselm J. McLaurin (Anselm Joseph McLaurin), was a Senator from Mississippi and a Governor of Mississippi.

Robin was married to graphic designer Susan Schneider, until his death. He had a son with his first wife, Valerie Velardi, and two children, including actress Zelda Williams, with his second wife, producer Marsha Garces Williams.

Robin’s paternal grandfather was Robert R. Williams (the son of Haywood Ross Williams and Mary Elizabeth Riley). Haywood was the son of James Clardy/Claridy Williams and Millicent “Mellie”/”Milly” Sutton. Mary was the daughter of William A. Riley and Rebecca M. Bradley.

Robin’s paternal grandmother was Ellanora/Ollana E. Fitzgerald (the daughter of James Jackson Fitzgerrell and Sarah Melissa Whitlow). James was the son of James S. Fitzgerald and Elizabeth “Betsy” Ray. Sarah was the daughter of Thomas Whitlow and Elizabeth Tomkin.

Robin’s maternal grandfather was Robert Amistead Janin (the son of Herbert/Hubert Lawrence Janin and Julia Louisa/Louise Fassmann). Herbert’s father, Leon Fergus/Furgis Janin, was the son of French parents, Charles Louis Pierre Janin and Marie Pauline Allain. Herbert’s mother was Kate Hall Armistead. Julia was the daughter of Victor Edward Fassmann and Marie Damelia/Damillia Collins.

Robin’s mother later took on the surname of her own stepfather, Robert Forrest Smith.

Robin’s maternal grandmother was Laura McLaurin Berry (the daughter of John Pleasant Berry and Stella May McLaurin). John was the son of Joseph Boggan Berry and Laura Josephine Evans. Stella was the daughter of Anselm Joseph McLaurin and Laura Elvira Rauch.

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celebfan December 31, 2015 at 10:47 pm

The world lost a great entertainer. Goodbye Robin, you brought a lot of joy to movie fans. Too bad you didn’t have enough of it in your own life.

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Why damn it… why did you kill yourself? He was like my fave comedian…

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Really? That’s your question?

cwm85 September 3, 2015 at 8:41 pm

Why Robin why?

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R.I.P =(

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