Moritz Bleibtreu

Moritz Bleibtreu

Birth Name: Moritz Johann Bleibtreu

Place of Birth: Munich, West Germany

Date of Birth: 13 August, 1971

Ethnicity: Austrian, as well as 1/16th Czech

Moritz Bleibtreu is a German actor. He is the son of Austrian actors Hans Brenner (from Innsbruck) and Monica Bleibtreu (from Vienna). His great-great-aunt was actress Hedwig Bleibtreu.

Moritz’s maternal grandparents were Renato Attilio Bleibtreu (the son of Maximiliane Bleibtreu, an actress) and Helene Buchholt. Renato was a writer and director, working on the stage. Maximiliane was the daughter of Austrian actor Sigmund Bleibtreu and Czech actress Amalia Hybl. There appears to be no publicly known information as to who Renato’s biological father was.

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  1. ,,Sein Geburtsort war vermutlich ein Findelhaus in der Alservorstadt, von seinem Vater ist nichts bekannt”

    about his grandfather

    RENATO ATTILO BLEIBTREU was born in an orphanage. There is no information about his father


    there is a missing link in his ethnic background

    the grandfather of his late mother – Very popular german-austrian actress Monika bleibtreu had a grandfather with the name


    mind the name RENATO ATTILO (sounds very italian )

    but on the other hand it may have been only his first name

    but what i think is very interesting

    in the 1930s this relative wanted to become member of the nationalsocialist party but was declined
    because it was unknown who his father had been

    therefore he did not obtain the membership !!!!!

  3. thats only a clishee and not right !

    did you ever been in austria ?

    i was there and i knew about the history with the turks + hungarians etc-

    i was there for 6 months and was in different places and really that with the swarthy not right

    the most of them do have very clear blue eyes

    1. his mother was a huge star in Germany even until her death she made a lot of box office success movies

      and thanks to her he even as a child played roles in movies

      in the chlildrens program shows he played as a 6 year old FOREIGNERS or children of foreigners

    1. +1

      HIS mother looks also ITALIAN

      his grandfather had the name

      this is a german name

      plus at the time when the NAZIS were in power he was not able to get a certificate of being pure aryan

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