Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton

Birth Name: Eric P. Clapton

Place of Birth: Surrey South Western, Surrey, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 30 March, 1945

Ethnicity: English

Eric Clapton is an English blues and rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He is considered one of the most influential guitarists of all time.

He is the son of Patricia Molly Clapton, a 16-year-old English woman, and Edward Walter Fryer, a 25-year-old soldier from Montreal, Quebec. Edward shipped off to war prior to Eric’s birth and then returned to Canada. Eric grew up with his grandmother, Rose, and her second husband, Jack Clapp, who was stepfather to Patricia Clapton and her brother Adrian. Eric believed that they were his parents and that his mother was actually his older sister. The similarity in surnames gave rise to the erroneous belief that Eric’s real surname is Clapp (Reginald Cecil Clapton was the name of Rose’s first husband, Eric Clapton’s maternal grandfather). Eric’s mother later married another Canadian soldier and moved to Germany, leaving young Eric with his grandparents in Surrey.

Eric has five children. The death of one of them, his son Conor, inspired Eric’s song Tears in Heaven. Eric is married to Melia McEnery.

Eric’s paternal grandfather was named Edward Fryer.

Eric’s maternal grandfather was Reginald Cecil Clapton (the son of Augustus Oliver Clapton and Marie M. Haire). Augustus was the son of James Clapton and Melina Wilkins.

Eric’s maternal grandmother was Rose Amelia Mitchell (the daughter of John Mitchell and Edith Miriam Lawrence). John was the son of Timothy Mitchell and Ann Gregory. Edith was the daughter of Richard Lawrence and Susan Clements.

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