Daniel Padilla

Birth Name: Daniel John Ford Padilla

Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: April 26, 1995

Ethnicity: Filipino (including Tagalog), some Spanish

Daniel Padilla is a Filipino actor and musician. He is the son of Rommel Cariño Padilla and Karla Estrada. He is the partner of actress Kathryn Bernardo.

Daniel’s paternal grandparents are Carlos Roy Bustamante Padilla, Sr. (the son of José Padilla y Gálvez and ? Bustamante) and Eva Lolita Rivera Cariño (the daughter of ? Cariño and ? Rivera).

Daniel’s patrilineal ancestor, Luis Ortiz de Padilla, came from the Canary Islands in Spain.

Source: Genealogy of Daniel’s father – http://www.geni.com

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