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Brooke Burke ethnicity

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Birth Name: Brooke Lisa Burke

Place of Birth: Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 8, 1971

Ethnicity: Irish, French, and Portuguese (Jewish)

Brooke Burke is an American television personality, actress, dancer, and model.

Brooke is the daughter of Donna and George F. Burke. She has Irish, French, and Portuguese ancestry. Her mother was born Patricia Ann, and along with her twin sister was adopted by Fay (Waingrow) and Nicholas Bruno, and renamed Donna Marie Bruno.

Brooke’s mother’s adoptive mother Fay was Jewish, and Brooke’s mother was raised Jewish; it is not clear if Brooke’s mother, by birth, has Jewish ancestry. Brooke was herself raised Jewish. She is married to French singer, actor, and model David Charvet (David is also Jewish). She has two children with her former husband, plastic surgeon Garth Fisher; and two children with David.

Brooke has stated:

…I’m Jewish, and David’s family is Jewish. We keep Shabbat, we celebrate all the high holidays… my girls went to a Jewish school for all their early education. We’re not religious, but we do keep all the traditions.

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    its the best decision to hide the asian side

    because hollywood is racist and asians nowadays still play asian roles

    stereotypical roles…

    SUMMER GLAU, LINDSAY PRICE are among the other deniers

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