María Canals-Barrera

Canals-Barrera in 2015, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: María Pilar Canals

Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 28, 1966

Ethnicity: Cuban [Catalan, possibly other]

María Canals-Barrera, also known as María Canals and Maria Canals Barrera, is an American actress. She played Theresa on the show Wizards of Waverly Place, and co-starred in the Camp Rock films and Larry Crowne.

María’s parents are Cuban. She has said that she is proud of her Cuban background, and is able to speak Spanish. She has also stated that she is of Catalan descent. She is married to actor David Barrera, with whom she has two children. A picture of her parents can be seen here.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. NOTREALLY says:

    0 chance she doesn’t have relatively recent native or sub saharan, she’s incredibly atypical even for Catalans who have some degree of north African or Levantine admixture

    • andrew says:

      I think you are exagerrating. Anyhow these are her parents:

      • NOTREALLY says:

        I don’t think I’m not exagerating, I live among Catalans, her phenotype is completely out of the norm, within the whole spectrum, from full European Catalans to those with Med admixture
        Her dad definitely passes, her mom looks almost exacly like her they have “latino” faces they’re really easily spotted and unfortunately she’d probably face discrimination
        She simply doesn’t pass in the Catalan regions, I doubt she passes anywhere in Iberia at all, Andalucia if anything and that’s a stretch

        • italiano90 says:

          Would pre-plastic surgery/spray tan J.Lo fit anywhere in Spain?

          • NOTREALLY says:

            Show me a picture of her before the so called spray tan and surgery and I will tell you, as far as I’ve reached looking at pictures she’s always looked the same, her mom has the same face, have they both gotten the same surgery?

          • NOTREALLY says:

            this is about the oldest picture of her I can find, she looks stereotypical latina (whether it’s mestiza, castiza etc), not direct stock from Iberia let alone Catalan

          • andrew says:


            He referred to Jennifer Lopez, not Canals-Barrera.

          • NOTREALLY says:

            I see, but I just said Jennifer definitely looked much whiter before all she had done on herself (surgeries, tan, etc) I neevr said she would pass in Iberia, it doesn’t really matter I guess at the end I just find it cool that such a famous person has Catalan ancestry

  2. muricansareallmutts says:

    Looks fully arab cause many Hispanics have levantine roots brought by Spaniards of semitic background.

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