Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson

Birth Name: Ashley Suzanne Johnson

Place of Birth: Camarillo, California

Date of Birth: August 9, 1983

Ethnicity: Swedish (paternal grandfather), English

Ashley Johnson is an American actress and singer.

Ashley’s paternal grandparents are Reuben Johnson and Evelyn Taft. Reuben was Swedish.

Ashley’s maternal grandparents are Jack Dwayne Spruiell (the son of Arthur Hill Spruiell and Lena Ruth Nunn) and Violet Reba Dillard (the daughter of Thomas Lee Dillard and Martha Lina Hall).

Some websites also state that Ashley has Native American roots. It is not clear if this Native American ancestry has been documented/verified.

Source: Genealogy of Ashley’s mother (focusing on her own father’s side) –

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  1. A user says:

    So is she 1/4 Swedish 3/4 english?

  2. follers says:

    Has she ever herself said that she has Native American ancestry?

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