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Birth Name: Vanessa Joy Minnillo

Place of Birth: Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines

Date of Birth: November 9, 1980

*50% Filipino
*25% Italian
*12.5% Irish
*12.5% Ashkenazi Jewish

Vanessa Lachey, previously credited under her birth name, Vanessa Minnillo, is an American television personality and host, beauty queen, model, and actress. She was Miss South Carolina Teen USA 1998 and Miss Teen USA 1998, and hosted Total Request Live on MTV from 2003 to 2007. Vanessa is married to singer Nick Lachey, with whom she has three children.

She was born in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. Vanessa’s father, Vincent Charles Minnillo, an American Air Force officer, is caucasian, and is of one half Italian, one quarter Russian Jewish, and one quarter Irish, descent. Vanessa’s mother, Helen Ramos (Bercero), is a Filipina from Manila. Vanessa was raised in Washington, California, Nevada, and Florida, as well as Germany and Japan, eventually settling in Charleston, South Carolina.

Vanessa’s paternal grandfather was Vincent John Minnillo (the son of Christopher R. Minnillo and Ann/Anna Theresa Defelice). Vincent was born in Pennsylvania, to parents who were also born in the state. Christopher was the son of Italian emigrants, Francesco Minnillo and Maria Carolina Federico, from Matrice, Campobasso, Molise. Ann was the daughter of Italian emigrants, Savino Defelice/di Felice, from Rivisondoli, Abruzzo, and Maria Ramicone.

Vanessa’s paternal grandmother was Marilyn Edith Levy (the daughter of Julius Levy and Anna Beatrice Collins). Marilyn was born in Ohio. Julius was born in Ohio, to Russian Jewish parents, Henry Levy and Mary. Anna was also born in Ohio, to Irish immigrants, James Collins, from Mayo, and Bridget Agnes McGinty.

Vanessa’s maternal grandfather was named Froilan Bercero.

Vanessa’s maternal grandmother was named Julita Ramos.

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Birth record of Vanessa Lachey –

Marriage record of Vanessa’s parents –

Birth record of Vanessa’s paternal great-great-grandfather, Francesco Minnillo –

Birth record of Vanessa’s paternal great-great-grandmother, Maria Carolina Federico –

Vanessa’s paternal great-grandparents, Julius Levy and Anna Beatrice Collins, on the 1930 U.S. Census –


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Sol says:

    Initially thought she was 100% Filipina because she looks very Filipina like her mother, she does not look at all eurasian. Then her daughter was born and looks very blond with dark brown eyes. So that explains the theory of mixed genes. She has mixed caucasian gene from her father who is dark haired dark brown eyes, but she does not look caucasian for her mother’s gene stronger than her caucasian father’s gene, so she has her mother’s look. Then she married Nick Lachley dark haired dark brown eyes, so husband gene and her mixed caucasian genes produced first born son who looks eurasian with brownish hair dark brown eyes, but it’s her daughter, second born looks really caucasian with blond hair but dark brown eyes due to both parents have dark brown eyes. Another case point is Ruth Ann Wong Miles. Mother Korean, father blond British. But Ruth looks very very asian, not one bit of eurasian look; her mother gene stronger than her father’s caucasian gene. Then she married a blond blue eyed caucasian man Jonathan Blumenstein, and her first born daughter was very blond with blue eyes. Same theory, husband caucasian gene and her mixed caucasian gene from her father’s lighter gene side awaken to produce very blond looking child with blue eyes. The theory is if one is of mixed caucasian (eurasian) marries a caucasian, chances of having blond child is high. But if one partner is asian marries a caucasian, chances of having blond child is very unlikely. The first born will takes after the stronger gene, the asian gene. Black hair black eyes yield dominant gene than blond blue eyes gene.

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