Amber Rose

by ethnic on October 17, 2009

Amber Rose

Birth Name: Amber Levonchuck

Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 21, 1982

Ethnicity: Cape Verdean [African, Portuguese], Irish, Italian, Scottish

Amber Rose is an American hip hop model, hip hop artist, fashion designer, and actress. She has a son with her former husband, rapper, songwriter, and actor Wiz Khalifa.

Amber has said:

I’m Black/ Portuguese/ Irish and Italian.

Her father is said to have Italian and Irish ancestry. Given the surname Levonchuck, he also may have Eastern European ancestry. Her mother, whose name is either Shauna Soares or Dorothy, has Afro-Cape Verdean, Portuguese-Cape Verdean, and Scottish ancestry.

Amber has also said

Wow!!! I used that DNA kit on and my results just came in!…. my family is from…. Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon, Congo, Italy, Ireland, England, Part European Jewish, Scandinavia, Polynesia, Iraq, Iran and Kuwait. Damn I knew I was mixed but this is Awesome!

Cape Verde is a group of islands located off the coast of West Africa. It’s interesting to note that most of the population (about 71%) of Cape Verde is a mix of Sub-Saharan Africans and Europeans usually from Portugal and Spain. Another celebrity of Cape Verdean descent was the late Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes.

Amber’s paternal grandparents were Francis/Frank Joseph Levonchuck (the son of Philip Levonchuck and Eva Tarnaske) and Rose Spera.

Amber’s maternal grandfather was Anthony Rose.

A picture of Amber’s maternal grandfather can be seen here. A picture of Amber’s grandfather, and her son, can be seen here.


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Alyx June 5, 2017 at 6:45 pm

She looks quadroon, like a brazilian mulatto.

alexgxo May 24, 2017 at 4:44 pm

The only odd feature that some may perceive as black is her upper jaw and rounded forehead. But euros can have that too. Other than that I’m willing to bet her black African is 20 percent or less. Dare I say maybe even 10 percent.

Her skin is naturally pale and her real hair is like wavy at most. If she never abused the spray tanning and grew out her hair she’s look like a regular white American girl.

She may identity as mixed or black or whatever but take away the tan and she looks like a bald white girl and would not look out of place in Europe.

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