Birth Names: (in birth order)
*Chase Parker Duddy
*Paige Linnell Duddy

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Dates of Birth:
*October 1, 1984 (Chase)
*August 8, 1994 (Paige)

Ethnicity: Italian (maternal grandfather), Dutch, English, German, Irish, Italian, Scottish, Swiss-German, Welsh, remote Cornish

XYLØ is an American electronic duo, consisting of siblings Chase Duddy (musician) and Paige Duddy (lead vocalist). They are the children of Joleen and Steve Duddy. Their maternal grandfather was jazz drummer Joe Porcaro.

XYLØ’s maternal uncles are musicians Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, and Steve Porcaro, all of whom were part of the American rock band Toto.

XYLØ’s paternal grandfather is Thomas Peter Duddy, Jr. (the son of Thomas John Duddy and Mary Angela Schmuck). XYLØ’s great-grandfather Thomas was the son of English immigrants John Doody, later Duddy of Hulme, Lancashire, now part of Manchester, whose parents John Doody and Bridget Murphy were Irish emigrants from Dublin; and of Catherine Rodden, of Durham whose parents John Rodden and Mary Sherden were Irish immigrants. XYLØ’s great-grandmother Mary was the daughter of German emigrants, Peter Simon Schmuck, of Stegers, Schlochau, West Prussia, present-day Rzeczenica, Człuchów, Gdańsk Pomerania, Poland; and Mathilda Stolpmann, of Eisenhammer, Schlochau, West Prussia, present-day Żeleźniki, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland.

XYLØ’s paternal grandmother is Dorene Catherine Vanscoyoc (the daughter of Roy Thomas Vanscoyoc and Catherine A. Young). Roy was the son of Edward Augustus Vanscoyoc, of Dutch, English, German, and Swiss-German descent; and of Dora I. Houston, who was of Irish descent. Catherine was the daughter of Scottish emigrant, William Young, of Denny, Stirlingshire, now part of Falkirk, and of Julia F. Barrett, who was of Irish descent.

XYLØ’s maternal grandfather was Joe Porcaro (the son of Giuseppe Pocara, later Joseph Thomas Porcaro, and of Concetta Ciccariello). Giuseppe was born in San Luca, Province of Reggio Calabria, Italy, the son of Francesco Saverio Porcara and Elisabetta Maria Alvaro. Concetta was born in Brianza, Italy, the daughter of Domenico Ciccariello and Maria di Nosia.

XYLØ’s maternal grandmother is Eileen Frances Linnell (the daughter of Rodney Stewart Linnell and Verona Mary Parker). Rodney was the son of Winslow Warren Linnell and Mariette E. Hall, who herself was born in Hereford, Québec, Canada, to American parents. Verona was the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Parker, whose parents, George Parker and Mary Ann McFadden, were Irish immigrants; and of Canadian emigrant Mary Jane Bryson, later Brayson, of Johnville, New Brunswick, of Irish heritage.

XYLØ’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to their third great-grandmother, Mary, who was an Irish immigrant.

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