Terri Nunn

MOORPARK, CA – OCT 5: Nunn arrives at the 8th Annual Medlock/Krieger Invitational Golf Concert at the Moorpark Country Club in Moorpark, CA on October 5, 2015. cvanwagoner/Bigstock.com

Birth Name: Teri Kathleen Nunn

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 26, 1959

Ethnicity: English, Irish, more distant Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, French, Scottish, Welsh, and Dutch

Terri Nunn is an American singer and actress. She is the vocalist of the band Berlin, who are known for their song “Take My Breath Away” from the film Top Gun. She is herself also known as Berlin.

Terri is the daughter of Joyce and Larry Nunn, who was a painter and child actor. Her cousin is singer and songwriter Pamela Moore. She is married to attorney Paul Spear, and has a daughter.

Terri’s paternal grandfather was Edward Hazen Nunn (the son of John William Nunn and Marguerite Ethel McManus). Edward was born in Fernie, Canada. John was an English emigrant, from Durham, the son of Harry Nunn and Hannah Bolingbroke. Marguerite was born in Ontario, Canada.

Terri’s paternal grandmother was Olive B. Moore (the daughter of Charles Alfred Moore Teresa Isabella Murphy). Olive was born in Eureka, California. Charles was the son of Henry G. Moore and Robella D. Haslett. Teresa was born in California.

Terri’s maternal grandfather was Ralph Downer (the son of Almer Downer and Georgia H. Briggs).┬áRalph was born in New York City. Almer was the son of John J. Downer and Hannah Palmatier. Georgia was the daughter of William Briggs, who was born in Orange, New York.

Terri’s maternal grandmother was Mildred Lorraine Benham (the daughter of Charles Lincoln Benham and Alice May Long). Mildred was born in Anderson, Indiana. Charles was the son of John Marcus Benham and Minerva C. Seaton, who were from Indiana. Alice was the daughter of Josiah Long, who was from Pennsylvania, and of Esther Bowerman, who was from Indiana.

Source: Genealogy of Teri Nunn – https://www.familysearch.org

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