Sydney Ozerov-Meyer

Meyer in 2014, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Sydney Meyer

Place of Birth: London, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: September 15, 1995

*South African (father)
*English (mother)

Sydney Ozerov-Meyer, also billed as Sydney Meyer, is a Canadian actress. Her roles include the series Shadowhunters, V Wars, Grand Army, Y: The Last Man, and Slasher: Flesh & Blood.

Her father is a black South African and her mother is English, and white. Sydney is also a British citizen. A picture of Sydney with her parents can be seen here. Sydney is married to Russian-Canadian actor Alex Ozerov-Meyer. The two have hyphenated their names, and she is now credited as Sydney Ozerov-Meyer. They appeared together in Slasher.

Sydney has stated:

…my dad is Black and from South Africa. He came to Canada because he was born in South Africa when there was still Apartheid and it was not a good situation, so him and his family kind of fled and came to Canada… [My mom]’s like blonde hair and blue eyes, as fair as can be… I’m mixed – I don’t look it, I’m clearly very white passing. For me it’s always been something that’s been so close to my heart that that’s part of my heritage and part of where I come from… [With Slasher], it was this mixed character that was kind of white passing… caught in between these two worlds. I thought that was so exciting that I was going to play this mixed character for once.

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  1. jonasbsjr says:

    wow thats unusual light skin for a biracial person, especially in her case, cuz her dad’s full black, and usually when a pure sub-saa black person mix with white, the result is someone either light brown are medium brown

  2. andrew says:

    Good pic. She somehow resembles Anne Hathaway indeed (with a bigger nose).

    About her father being a “Black South African”, he is actually a Coloured in the lighter spectrum.

  3. andrew says:

    Found a pic of her parents:

    So her father is definitely a person of color but he’s of mixed background (“Coloured”). Black people from SA don’t carry Afrikaner surnames like Meyer to begin with, but Zulu, Xhosa or other African languages ones.

    Also during Apharteid, the Coloureds had an higher social status than Black African groups, who had little to no chance at all to move away from SA.

    In other word she said a lot of crap, including the “white passing” nonsense.

    • Ethnicity37 says:

      She said her dad’s black -that doesn’t mean he is 100% African but she makes it clear he wasn’t a Coloured which is a completely different social group in SA. . He most likely was half “black” Bantu and half Coloured which would make the most sense and he identifies as Black. It is unusual for people of mixed race(Coloured) in South Africa to identify as ‘Black” probably due to lesser social class status and being mixed race but her father probably did because he isn’t a fully Coloured person.. Being ‘black” in South Africa is very homogenous compared to the USA so what she is saying is most likely true to some extent. Also, the Phenotype does not have to match the genotype.

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