Stevie Young

Birth Name: Stephen Crawford Young, Jr.

Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland

Date of Birth: 11 December, 1956

Ethnicity: Scottish, small amount of Irish

Stevie Young is a Scottish musician. He is the rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for the rock band AC/DC. Other members of the band include/have included Brian Johnson, Axl Rose, Bon Scott, Chris Slade, and his uncles Angus Young and Malcolm Young.

His father, Stephen Crawford Young, was the eldest brother of musicians Alexander Young, George Young, Malcolm Young, and Angus Young, and was a Scottish emigrant, from Glasgow. His mother, Janet (McEwan), is also a Scottish emigrant, from Glasgow.

Stevie’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his fourth great-grandfather, William Young.

Stevie’s paternal grandfather was William Young (the son of William Young and Jeanie/Jane Mitchell). Stevie’s great-grandfather William was the son of Alexander Young, whose mother was of Irish descent, and of Margaret Allen Galbraith, who was born in Scotland, to Irish parents, Allen Galbraith and Ellen Rodgers, who were possibly of Ulster-Scots background. Stevie’s great-grandmother Jeannie was the daughter of Malcolm Mitchell and Mary Ann Kay.

Stevie’s paternal grandmother was Margaret Young (the daughter of Alexander Young and Margaret Haslett). Alexander was the son of William Young and Jean Young.

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