Scott Waugh

Waugh in 2014, photo by Joe Seer/

Birth Name: Scott M. Waugh

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 22, 1970

*father – English, Scottish, Irish, German, some Swiss-German
*mother – Palestinian Arab, possibly other

Scott Waugh is an American film director, producer, editor, and stunt performer. He has co-directed the film Act of Valor, and directed the films Need for Speed, 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain, Hidden Strike, and Expend4bles.

He is the son of Sophia and stunt performer Fred Waugh (born Frederic M. Waugh). His brother is film director, writer, producer, actor, and stunt performer Ric Roman Waugh. Among their maternal cousins is professional cyclist Emile Abraham.

His father was American, and was mostly of English, Scottish, Irish, German, and some Swiss-German, descent. His mother is from Trinidad and Tobago, and is of at least partial Arab Palestinian ancestry.

He is married to actress Beth Waugh, with whom he has two children.

Scott’s paternal grandfather was Frederick Edgar “Freddie” Waugh (the son of Charles William Waugh and Ida Amanda Farren). Frederick was born in Indiana. Charles was born in Ohio, the son of Jacob Waugh and Elmira McNeal. Ida was born in Ohio, the daughter of James A. Farren and Christina Cluff.

Scott’s paternal grandmother was Margaret May/Mae Smith (the daughter of Kirby Smith and Carrie L. Payne/Kayne). Margaret was born in Indiana. Kirby was born in Indiana, the son of John William Smith and Clarissa Stodgehill. Carrie was born in Indiana, the daughter of William Henry Payne and Nancy Samantha Chasteen/Chastenne.

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