Scott Menville

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Birth Name: Scott David Menville

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: February 12, 1971

Ethnicity: French/Cajun, English, Scottish, Irish, German/Swiss-German, distant Spanish

Scott Menville is an American actor, voice actor, and musician.

Scott is the son of Dorothy and television animator and writer Chuck Menville (born Charles David Menville).

Scott’s paternal grandfather is Charles A. Menville (the son of Raoul Louis Menville and Mae E. Friedman). Charles was born in Louisiana. Raoul was born in Louisiana, the son of Charles Marie Menville and Marie Arabella Gouaux, whose father was French. Mae was born in Louisiana, the daughter of Phillip Friedman, who was German, and of Elizabeth Stevenson.

Scott’s paternal grandmother is Marie Louise Burnett (the daughter of Benjamin Fulton “Ben” Burnett and Marie Amelie Brown). Marie was born in Louisiana. Benjamin was born in Louisiana, the son of Ed Burnett and Mary/Lary Lefevre/Lefevre. Marie was born in Louisiana.

Scott’s maternal grandfather is named Gordon Stuart Hawkins (the son of Birdie Viola Russell). Gordon was born in Nebraska. Birdie was born in Nebraska, the daughter of Ludentia A. Burgess.

Scott’s maternal grandmother is Mary Belle Wolther/Walther (the daughter of George Frederick Wolther/Walther and Laura/Lora Elizabeth Cantrall). Mary was born in either Colorado or Nebraska. George was born in Colorado, the son of George Friederich Wolther, whose parents were German, and of Louisa Katherine Blatter, whose parents were German. Laura was born in Colorado, the daughter of Frederick Augustine Cantrell and Mary E. Teeter.

Source: Obituary of Scott’s father –

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  1. andrew says:

    I doubt English is the most consistent part of his background, being his father’s side from Louisiana there’s French (including dist. Acadian), German/Swiss-German and also Spanish (Canary Islander):

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