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Birth Name: Sarah Ashley Toups

Place of Birth: College Station, Brazos, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 17, 1995

Ethnicity: Italian/Sicilian (maternal grandfather), English, Cajun/French, German, Irish, 1/16th Ashkenazi Jewish

Sarati is an American actress and model. She was a model on game show Deal or No Deal.

Sarati’s paternal grandfather was Robert Edward Toups (the son of Robert Edward Toups and Patricia Anna Weinberg). Sarati’s great-grandfather Robert likely was the son of George E. Toups and Helena/Lena Bourgeois, who were Cajuns. Patricia’s father, Harold/Harald Weinberg, was born in Louisiana, to a German Jewish father and to a Russian Jewish mother. Patricia’s mother, Mercedes S. Spansel, was also born in Louisiana, the daughter of Michael Spansel and Mary Elizabeth Spellman, who likely were of German and Irish descent.

Sarati’s paternal grandmother was Mary Antoinette Eastland (the daughter of James Eldridge Eastland and Frances Matilda Kneisel). James was the son of Milton George Eastland and Minnie Elizabeth Riddle. Frances was the daughter of Paul O. Kneisel, who was German, and of Frances Alice/Alicia Farrell, whose father was born in Louisiana and whose mother was born in Scotland. All of her own grandparents were Irish.

Sarati’s maternal grandfather was Joseph Peter “Joe” Salvato (the son of Pietro/Peter/Pete Salvato and Vita Lena Stratta/Strader). Sarati’s great-grandfather Peter was born in Louisiana, to Sicilian parents, Nuncio/Nunzio/Nuzio Salvato and Louise/Luigia Augello/Accielo. Lena was born in either Sicily, Italy, or Texas, the daughter of Giuseppe/Joseph Stratta/Strada and Angelina/Angie Loria, who were from Poggioreale, Province of Trapani, Sicily.

Sarati’s maternal grandmother was Lella/Lilla Mae Pennington (the daughter of John Wesley Pennington and Leota L. Whittington). Sarati’s grandmother Lella was born in Texas. John was the son of William Mack Pennington and Nancy Elizabeth Bishop. Sarati’s great-grandmother Leota was the daughter of Silas Franklin Whittington and Manirva Jane Cargill.

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  1. Victoria says:

    She even made an IG video about how —- she was before plastic surgery, but what she skipped was the plastic surgery, she was ———, all of her is plastic evidently plastic.

  2. Victoria says:

    She is very plastic she’s naturally —-, she was —- before plastic surgery, I saw her old photos she was all —- her body everything, her lips are fake they are very thin, her butt and boobs are plastic, her eyebrows are very thin they are fake, and she wears a lot of make up her skin color is fake too

  3. madman says:

    Interesting how similar her ancestry is to these guys:

    Quarter Sicilian, 1/8th French/Cajun, 1/16th Jewish, and part German. What sticks out the most would be the Duplass brothers’ apparent Louisiana Creole ancestry.

  4. madman says:

    Could anyone find out if her great-great-grandmother Mercedes was also Jewish? She was born 29 September 1908 in Louisiana and died 26 July 1992.

    • andrew says:

      Since we talked about Native American ancestors, I casually found one in Wikitree on her maternal grandmother’s side. As usual it’s disputed/uncertain. This would make her 1/8192 Native American. (Carter line)


      • bablah says:

        Lol, the mental gymnastics in trying to prove she was Native is hillarious.

        Ok, so Hannah was illegitimate (even this is dubious, she might have been James’ niece), but how does ”she was willed a black servant, so she couldn’t possibly be half-black, she had to have been half-Native” make any sense? And this sentence ”he had a disposition toward Native Americans”.

        This is what I’m talking about when I say that people are making up Native ancestors.

        • andrew says:

          There is also a discussion in Ancestry Message Boards, and other stuff from other sites. The point is that there’s a lackness of official documents to verify if it’s a myth or not.

      • madman says:

        Before you make comment about a Native ancestor that you’ve found, make sure to look into it more. For one thing, 1/8192 isn’t even worth mentioning even if it was true. But why didn’t it seem weird to you that only the WikiTree says that Jonathan Osborne was born in England, to an American mother, when all other trees says his parents were both English? And despite that, this is a textbook example of what I was talking about when it comes to made up Native American family stories. The circumstantial evidence provided in that discussion seems very far-fetched, like it really wants it all to be true. On the Native ancestor’s WikiTree page it says “There are no existing records that prove this family tradition”.

        • andrew says:

          It’s just a trivia, relax. We already made an agreement about the 1/1024 thing (with exceptions), and that’s it.
          It’s just plausible to consider that a few white men made children with Native American women, even though it’s difficult to prove it.

          • madman says:

            I would only mention this kind of ancestry if:
            1. The ancestor is well-known or widely believed to be real.
            2. There’s enough evidence to at least make it somewhat believable that the ancestor was Native.
            3. The celebrity has mentioned the ancestor themself, or has mentioned being part Native.

            Adding to that, I would not add it if it’s a vanishingly small amount or, given that the ancestor actually existed, it’s not certain that the person is actually their descendant.

    • bablah says:

      *Mercedes Spansel

      Daughter of Michael Spansel and Mary Elizabeth Spellman.

      I have no idea what thes were exactly (German maybe), but looks like they were Catholic.

      • madman says:

        What made you conclude that? I’ve seen many birth records of potential Mercedeses in Louisiana, but no one at the exact right date.

        That family was German and Irish, it seems.

        • bablah says:

          A tree on Her middle initail also appears as S in some cases.

          Also the indexing is wrong for that record. It says she’s 11, and there’s a smudge next to 11 and the indexer saw that as 16.

  5. andrew says:

    Lena was born in either Sicily, Italy, or Texas, the daughter of Giuseppe/Joseph Stratta/Strada and Angelina/Angie Loria, who were from Poggioreale, Province of Trapani, Sicily, Italy.

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