Sacha Gervasi

Birth Name: Alexander Sacha Simon Gervasi

Place of Birth: St. Pancras, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: c. 1967

*father – one half Italian/Sicilian, Irish, possibly English
*mother – Ashkenazi Jewish

Sacha Gervasi is a British director, screenwriter, and journalist.

His father was American economist Sean Gervasi. His mother was Canadian, and was Jewish. His paternal uncle, Tom Gervasi, was an expert on intelligence matters and author. His paternal step-grandmother was jazz singer Georgia Gibbs.

He is married to theatre producer Jessica de Rothschild, daughter of British financier Evelyn Robert de Rothschild. He has a son with his former partner, singer, songwriter, author, actress, and philanthropist Geri Halliwell.

Sacha’s paternal grandfather was foreign correspondent and author Frank Henry Gervasi (the son of Eugenio Leone “Eugene” Gervasi and Teresa Guarnera). Frank was born in Maryland, to parents from Messina and Palermo, Sicily, Italy, respectively.

Sacha’s paternal grandmother was Katherine/Catherine E. McGuigan/McQuiggan (the daughter of Francis J. “Frank” McQuigan and Margaret R. “Maggie” May). Katherine was born in Pennsylvania. Francis was born in Pennsylvania. Margaret was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Anna Wilson, who was Irish.

Sacha’s maternal grandfather was named Jacob “Jack” Kosoy/Koscy.

Sacha’s maternal grandmother was named Gertrude Cligman. Gertrude was born in Russia/Ukraine.

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