Ryan J. Condal

Condal in 2016, photo by kathclick/Bigstock.com

Birth Name: Ryan James Condal

Place of Birth: Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 5, 1979

*25% Polish
*25% Italian/Sicilian
*50% Dutch

Ryan J. Condal is an American screenwriter and producer. He co-created the series Colony (2016), and is a creator and showrunner of the series House of the Dragon.

His father is of Polish and Italian/Sicilian descent. His mother is of Dutch ancestry. He is married to Caitlin Monahan.

Ryan’s paternal grandfather was Stanley Richard Condal (the son of Stanislaw R. “Stanley” Condal and Wanda Angela Kienitz). Ryan’s grandfather Stanley was born in New York, to ethnic Polish parents. Ryan’s great-grandfather Stanislaw was born in Galicia, Austria, the son of Charles Condal and Mulvina Mielnik. Wanda was born in New York, to parents from either Germany or Russia, Carl/Karl “Charles” Kienitz and Elizabeth/Bessie.

Ryan’s paternal grandmother was Marion/Marian/Marianna Orlando (the daughter of Samuel/Rosario “Sam” Orlando and Theresa/Teresa Gagliardotto). Marion was born in New York. Samuel was born in New York, to Italian parents from Sicily, Gandolfo Orlando and Marianna Gagliardotto. Theresa was born in New York, also to Italian parents, Vincenzo “Vincent” Gagliardotto and Francesca Paola “Frances” Dimartino/Dimartini, who were likely also from Sicily.

Ryan’s maternal grandfather was Bert G. Boer (the son of John H. Boer and Neeltje/Neltje Bos). Bert was born in New Jersey. John was born in New Jersey, the son of George Boer, whose parents were Dutch, and of Theodora “Dorothy” de Bree, who was from Utrecht, Netherlands. Neeltje was born in New Jersey, to Dutch parents, Gerhardus Bos and Pietronella “Nellie” Van Vlaanderen.

Ryan’s maternal grandmother was named Pat Bosland (the daughter of Irving Bosland and Anna). Pat was born in New Jersey. Irving was born in New Jersey, the son of Frans “Frank” Bosland, who was Dutch, and of Lena “Ellen” Venneman, whose parents were also Dutch. Anna was born in New Jersey, to parents from the Netherlands.

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