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Birth Name: Russell Edward Brand

Place of Birth: Grays, Thurrock, Essex, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 4 June, 1975

Ethnicity: English, as well as 1/64th German

Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, and radio host. His films include Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek, Despicable Me, Hop, Arthur (2011), and Rock of Ages.

He is the son of Barbara Elizabeth and Ronald Henry Brand, a photographer. Russell is married to Scottish lifestyle blogger Laura Gallacher, with whom he has two children.

Russell’s paternal grandfather was Henry George Brand (the son of Henry George Brand and Alice Sarah Truman). Russell’s grandfather Henry was born in Stepney, London, England. Russell’s great-grandfather Henry was the son of Mark Henry Brand and Lydia Bond. Alice was the daughter of George Truman and Maria Louisa Bruford. Maria Louisa’s grandfather, Johann Heinrich Kohler, was German.

Russell’s paternal grandmother was named Janet Marjorie White (the daughter of William Henry White and Maud Lilian). Janet was born in Stepney, London. William was the son of William Robert White and Eleanor Mary White.

Russell’s maternal grandfather was Frederick William Nichols (the son of Frederick William Nichols and Theresa Jessie Bennett). Russell’s grandfather Frederick was born in Hackney, London, England. Russell’s great-grandfather Frederick was the son of Edward Henry Nichols and Elizabeth. Theresa was the daughter of Robert Bennett.

Russell’s maternal grandmother was Nellie A. Miller (the daughter of Bertram Miller and Nellie Minnie A. Hale). Russell’s grandmother Nellie was born in Marylebone, London, England. Russell’s great-grandmother Nellie was the daughter of William Hale.

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Russell Brand ethnicity

Brand in 2014, photo by Prphotos


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. The Beautiful Ones says:

    he looks a mess, this is what Adam Levine would look like he grew his hair out and let himself go

  2. he looks like an mixture of red indian not like an pure english man

  3. theropod says:

    He is not that dark. He is light to olive skinned. It’s not the fact that he’s ‘dark’ which makes him mixed – his features (eye shape/color), brows and such are just very Middle Eastern in appearance (not even Italians/Greeks have that look) – He is very Persian and Arab looking…

    If this man is fully English then Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman are bloody full blooded Swedes!

  4. nmottram1990 says:

    he doesnt look full English his features are really dark and as for kiera knightley she dyes her hair she was born blonde

  5. Anya says:

    Brand is sometimes a Jewish surname but as far as I know Russell is not Jewish.

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