Rufus Sewell

Moet British Independent Film Awards 2012 - Arrivals

Sewell in 2012, photo by Pprhotos

Birth Name: Rufus Frederik Sewell

Place of Birth: Hammersmith, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 29 October, 1967

Ethnicity: English, Welsh

Rufus Sewell is a British actor. His mother, Jo (Michell), is an artist and waitress, who is of Welsh and English descent. His father, William Sewell, is an Australian animator.

Rufus has two children, including a son with his former wife, scriptwriter and producer Amy Gardner.

Rufus’s maternal grandfather was named Charles F. Michell (who was likely the son of Charles Frederick Michell and Ellen Marion Theobald). Charles was the son of James Michell. Ellen was the daughter of Henry Theobald.

Rufus’s maternal grandmother was Joan Gane (the daughter of William Henry Gane and Mary Jane/Jen Parry). Joan was born in Pontypool, Monmouthshire. William was the son of Joseph Gane, who was English, and of Elizabeth Jones, who was Welsh. Mary was the daughter of Walter Parry, who was Welsh, and of Emily Rodda/Rodder, who was from Gloucestershire, England.

Source: Genealogy of Rufus Sewell (focusing on his mother’s side) –

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  1. Racial Realist says:

    He is well tanned and with swarthy features. Not the background I expected, but people have huge variation no matter their origin.

    I did see him in The Father with Anthony Hopkins, and compared to the other “Paul” in the film and the rest of the cast, he looked comparably darker.(Which is why I was curious of his background)

  2. transemacabre says:

    Grandfather Charles Michell was born 1909, in Essex, to Charles Frederick Michell and Ellen Marion Theobald. Ellen’s father was Henry Theobald and Charles Frederick’s was James Michell.

    Rufus has similar facial structure to Irish actor Cillian Murphy, despite being darker of feature.

  3. andrew says:

    could be Clive Owen’s brother

  4. phaedra says:

    He looked Spanish to me.

    • fatkat says:

      you must be a Yank. To you people everyone who has dark and a little bit of a tan looks Spanish. lol. Most Europeans do have dark hair though. It’s nothing special here. In fact naturally blonde people are a rarity anywhere in Europe and yes even Northern Europe

      • madman says:

        Blondes are definitely not a rarity in Northern Europe.

      • RadDaddy says:

        Being an American is not synonymous with being ——– and having no clue as to what continental Europeans look like.
        Don’t drag the USA into this.
        There are many lunatic fringe posters on here trolling incessantly and scores of them are from the EU.
        Basically everyone on this site that isn’t 6 foot 3 with blond hair /blue eyes and chiseled features is “exotic,” “Jewish looking,” “mulatto,” “part Arab,” or some other such nonsense.

        • NOTREALLY says:

          I mean, no offense brother, I also aree with the last part of your comment, but your racial categorisation system (USA) literally throws Arabs (Middle East, North Africa) under the “white” category while tossing Spaniards, who are native Europeans and predominantly present just white or other white latin-Americans in the “latino” bracket entirely based on their language, it’s just laughable, so yeah it’s kind of embedded in the whole of the USA’s worldview

          • Oaken05 says:

            That last part is ridiculous. A Spaniard or Americans of purely Spanish and/or European descent would be seen as white just like the Portuguese Americans are considered white.

            There is a population of (mostly) unmixed descendants of Spaniards in New Mexico who identy as “Hispanos,” but that is a special case, and they don’t consider themselves Latinos.

          • NOTREALLY says:

            they would been seen indeed, but officially they’re not, check the standards for the classification of federal data on race and ethnicity, Spaniards are put separate from the main European group just based on language

    • Hill says:

      well you were wrong phaedra. again…

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