Ronan Farrow

Farrow in 2014, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Satchel Ronan O’Sullivan Farrow

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 19, 1987

*father – Ashkenazi Jewish
*mother – English, Irish, Scottish

Ronan Farrow is an American activist, journalist, lawyer, and U.S. government advisor. He was the host of the show Ronan Farrow Daily from 2014 to 2015.

Ronan is the son of director, writer, and actor Woody Allen and actress Mia Farrow. His father is Ashkenazi Jewish, from a family from Russia, Lithuania, and Austria. His mother has English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry. Among his uncles/aunts were/are sculptor Patrick Villiers Farrow and actresses Stephanie Farrow and Tisa Farrow.

Ronan’s paternal grandfather was Martin Koenigsberg/Königsberg (the son of Isaac Koenigsberg/Königsberg and Jennie/Jannie Copplin). Martin was born in New York, to Jewish emigrants, who were born in Russia, evidently in Königsberg/Kaliningrad. Isaac was the son of Schmuel/Shmuel/Samuel Koenigsberg/Königsberg and Bella. Martin also had Lithuanian Jewish ancestry.

Ronan’s paternal grandmother was Nettie Cherry (the daughter of Leon Cherry/Cherrie/Scherry and Sarah Hoff). Nettie was born in New York, to Austrian Jewish parents.

Ronan’s maternal grandfather was John Farrow (John Villiers Farrow, the son of Joseph Farrow and Lucy Savage). John was an Australian director, who was born in Merrickville, New South Wales. Joseph was the son of English parents, James Farrow and Jane Maria Canham, with James being from County Norfolk and Jane being from West Lynn, Norfolk. Lucy was the daughter of George Savage, who was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to English parents, from Buckinghamshire, and of Emily Piggott, who was English, from Manchester, Lancashire.

Ronan’s maternal grandmother was Maureen O’Sullivan (the daughter of Charles Joseph O’Sullivan and Evangeline Lovatt “Mary Eva” Frazer). Maureen was an Irish actress, who was born in Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland, and had Irish, Scottish, and English ancestry. Charles was born in Cork, County Cork, Ireland, the son of Daniel Vincent O’Sullivan and Mary Teresa “Minnie” Scannell. Evangeline was born in Tientsin, China, the daughter of John Lovat Frazer, who was from County Sligo, Ireland, and had Scottish ancestry, and of Mary Eva Kennett, who was from St. Marylebone, London, England.

In 2013, Ronan’s mother stated, perhaps not in total seriousness, that Ronan’s biological father could be singer Frank Sinatra, who was married to Mia many years before Ronan’s birth. For a number of reasons (see for example this and this), the idea appears to be unlikely.

A DNA test of Ronan’s mother Mia whose results were displayed on the show Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2019) stated that Mia’s genetic ancestry is:

*99.8% European
*0.1% North African
*0.1% East Asian

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11 Responses

  1. litzfranco says:

    Kaliningrad was Königsberg, a german city back then. So you have to correct it, his great-grandfather was from Eastern Prussia, now Russia, but no definitively no Russian

  2. brendanb says:

    i DON’T TINK THIS MAN IS RELATED WITH Woody Allen. I mean even Mr Allen, he’s not sure about that. Agree with Andrew a paternity test is required.
    BTW I don’t think that Mr farrow is the son of Frank Sinatra either. Maybe his father is a totally unknown men.

    • andrew says:

      Woody Allen is one the greats of cinema, hands down. After all, Ronan Farrow is very unlikely his biological son.

      • brendanb says:

        Roman Polanski is for me a Greater diector than Mr Allen. I like his film but. I don’t like the fact that he like to drug and rape children. Harvey Weinstein was defined by not other than Meryl Strep a god and still is a pervert. I really like Kevin Spaey craft movies but I do not justify his sexul behaviour at all. I like Jerry Lee Lewis but not the fact that he married a 14 year old cousin.
        I think that Brigitte Macron, Emanuel Macron family efforts to stop her to sleep with her teen son were tottaly right.I rthink that france has an age of concent wich is loewer than Tunisia, it’s lame, and I want to belive that idndeed France has an age of concent, cause a lot pof people do not believe so. I founded Jimmy saville funny… and he was more than a pervert but a real monster…

        • brendanb says:

          Btw I don’t like Charlie Chaplin movies, at all. but common belief says it’s a Genius, But it’s difficullt to denty that he was a pervert, who liked to slee with teens- because he married both his two first wife because the were pregnant and one wasn’t yet 16 and the other was barely 15.. and who knows how many other teen he didn’t married .. because cause their were not bearing child. Anyway they told me is a Genius.. so. Another Genius – pervert.

      • brendanb says:

        I didn’t like his kind of pathetic humor, Same reason I don’t like even most of Robin Williams, comedy movie cause I Always in fear that watching them I will get diabetes. but I think he was a great stan up commedian.
        I think that Marx Bros Humor, Monty Pythions humor or Taika Waititi humor are more suitable for me… I know people think that Chaplin was a Genius, and I totally respect their opinion,,cause in my family Montaigne and Voltaire, were really more respected than the bible, and they both teah tolerance and respect. respect for any opinion, and you surely know that Voltaire told us to fight for iìany opinion, even iif you don’t agree with them- So long live to the Genius of Chaplin! But, please let me express my pinion about his movies: I don’t like them at all. Not bad blood.

        • brendanb says:

          Btw there are is another so called Genius, whom was also a pervert… And ireally, not only dislike but hate, any movie of this guy— And my opinion is regarded by most critics as fascist and old school.. And if own all Chaplin movies in dvd, I will never allow in my house a movie of Pasolini. Critics think he was a Genius and a great thinker who was actually killed by the italian Gouvernament,… so be it, I’m not a critic, and I don’t want rewatch or alloew to my house something involving him, not even Callas medea, I do love Mrs Callas. , btw How about a Callas . Dresher Connection, just an opinion. remember.

  3. savanna says:

    Sinatra having a vasectomy does not make the possibility of him as Ronan’s biological father unlikely. Mia could have gotten him to donate his sperm to her before that happened. Also, vasectomies can be reversed.

  4. andrew says:

    I mean it’s very hard to believe that Woody Allen IS really his biological father

  5. andrew says:

    this guy definitely needs a DNA test to make things clear about his biological father’s identity.

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