Phil Mickelson

NCAA Football - Pacific Life Holiday Bowl- Texas vs Arizona State University- December 27, 2007

Mickelson in 2007, photo by prphotos

Birth Name: Philip Alfred Mickelson

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 16, 1970

*50% Portuguese [Azorean, Madeiran]
*25% Finland-Swedish [including likely distant Polish]
*25% Italian/Sicilian

Phil Mickelson is an American professional golfer. He has won 45 events on the PGA Tour, including three Masters titles, two PGA Championships, and one Open Championship. While fifty years old, his win at the 2021 PGA Championship made him the oldest major championship winner in history. He is nicknamed “Lefty.”

Phil is the son of Mary and Philip Mickelson, who is an airline pilot and naval aviator. His father is of approximately half Swedish and half Portuguese [Azorean] descent. His mother is of half Portuguese [Madeiran] and half Italian/Sicilian ancestry. Phil is married to Amy McBride, with whom he has three children.

Phil’s paternal grandfather was William Albert Mickelson (the son of Filip Wilhelm Mickelsson and Olga Maria Nordstrom/Jansson). Phil’s grandfather William was born in Mariehamn, Aland, Finland, of mostly Swedish ancestry. Phil’s great-grandfather Filip was was the son of Josef Wilhelm Michelsson/Mickelson and Rosalie/Rosalia Tarnoffsky/Sonoski, whose own father, Ignatius Tarnoffski, may have been Polish. Phil’s great-grandmother Olga was born in Eckero, Aland, Finland, and was the daughter of Johan Viktor/Victor Nordstrom and Maria Johansdotter Nordström.

Phil’s paternal grandmother was Marie V. Peres (the daughter of Joseph Peres and Maria Rodriques). Phil’s grandmother Marie was born in California, to Portuguese parents. Joseph was the son of Manuel R. Silveira and Theresa Emilia Silveira, who were from the Aozres. Phil’s great-grandmother Maria was from Sao Jorge, Azores, and was the daughter of Manuel Rodrigues and Maria de Gloria Faustina.

Phil’s maternal grandfather was Alfred Gomes “Al” Santos (the son of John Gomes Santos and Mary Concepcion Dias). Alfred was born in California, to Portuguese parents, a father from Paul do Mar, Madeira, and a mother from San Pedre, Funchal, Madeira. John was the son of A. Santos and J. Jardin. Mary was the daughter of Jose “Joseph” Dias and Maria Andrade “Mary” de Jesus.

Phil’s maternal grandmother is C. Jennie Navarra (the daughter of Girolamo Navarra and Adelina Pollaci). Jennie’s parents were Italian, her father from Castellammare del Golfo, Trapani, Sicily, and her mother from Palermo, Sicily. Girolamo was the son of Vincenzo Navarra and Concetta Fodera. Adelina was the daughter of G. Pollaci and C. Fodeare.

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6 Responses

  1. madman says:

    J. Mickelson and Rosalia Sonoski —> Josef Wilhelm Michelsson and Rosalie Tarnoffsky.

    I think Rosalie’s father was Polish.

  2. andrew says:

    I think you should split his 4 grandparents to have a better view

  3. cwm85 says:

    If he is 75 percent latin, Portuguese, Italian. How did he end up with Mickelson as a surname? Is it Swedish?

  4. madman says:

    Phil’s paternal great-great-grandmother was Rosalia Sonoski. Sonoski is definitley not a Swedish surname. I have not found its exact origins, but most people with the surname that was born outside the US was from Poland, so Phil most likely has Polish ancestry.

    I have found a person named Rosa Sonoski that was born in Poland in the 1800’s, but no indication that they would be the same person or in any way connected.

    I know that the given name is not very indicative of a person’s ancestry, but Rosalia is not a very common name among Swedes. Perhaps it is evidence that she was born somewhere else (likely Poland) than Sweden, rather than having a distant Polish ancestor. If that is the case, it would make Phil 6.25% Polish.

    Also: tag Azorean and Finland-Swedish/Swedish-Finnish

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