Peyton Manning

Manning in 2010, image via alexeys/bigstock

Birth Name: Peyton Williams Manning

Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 24, 1976

Ethnicity: English, some Scottish, German, and Swiss-German, remote French

Peyton Manning is an American professional football player. An NFL quarterback, he stands at 6’5. He was voted Super Bowl MVP for Super Bowl XLI (2007).

He is the son of Olivia (Williams) and Archie Manning (Elisha Archibald Manning), a professional football player. He is the brother of entrepreneur and television personality Cooper Manning and professional football player Eli Manning. Peyton is married to Ashley, with whom he has two children.

Peyton’s paternal grandfather was Elisha Archibald Manning (the son of Archibald Elisha Manning and Annie Sophia Gaddy). Peyton’s grandfather Elisha was born in Mississippi. Peyton’s great-grandfather Archibald was the son of Richard Elam Manning and Elizabeth Ann Pevey. Peyton’s great-grandmother Annie was the daughter of John Columbus Gaddy and Virginia “Jenny” Johnson.

Peyton’s paternal grandmother was Jane Elizabeth Nelson (the daughter of Joseph Lafayette Nelson and Olivia Beady/Bready). Jane was born in Tennessee. Olivia was the daughter of Isaac Newton Bready and Bettie M. Nowlin.

Peyton’s maternal grandfather was Amzie Cooper Williams (the son of Amzie Jackson Williams and Nannie Mae Stribling). Peyton’s grandfather Amzie was born in Mississippi. Nannie was the daughter of John Nathaniel Stribling and Virginia Lee Lang.

Peyton’s maternal grandmother was Frances Irene Thomas (the daughter of John James Seale Thomas and Mary Bell Warren). Frances was born in Mississippi. John was the son of Abraham Elijah Thomas and Virginia Eveline Seale. Mary Bell was the daughter of William Moses Warren and Clara Swan Hamilton.

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