Paul Scholes

Scholes in 2010, photo by

Place of Birth: Salford, Lancashire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 16 November, 1974

*English (father)
*Northern Irish, Irish (mother)

Paul Scholes is an English football coach and player. He spent his entire career at Manchester United, scoring 155 goals in 718 games.

Paul is the son of Marina “Marie” (Mooney) and Stewart Scholes. He is married to Claire (Froggatt), with whom he has three children.

Paul’s paternal grandparents’ surnames are Scholes and Rushton.

Paul’s maternal grandparents’ surnames are Mooney and Brennan.

About his background, Paul has stated:

On my mum Marie’s side, my Nana was from the Republic of Ireland and my Granddad was from the north. Lots of families in Manchester have strong Irish connections but it never occurred to me to play for anyone other than England.


Finnish-Italian guy,

2 Responses

  1. madman says:

    *Northern Irish, Irish (mother) —> *Irish (mother)

    Being from Northern Ireland is not synonymous with being Northern Irish, which has an ethnic and religious affiliation too. Mooney is an Irish surname, that’s what we have to go on.

    • andrew says:

      The Northern Irish are basically Irish people, unless they’re Scottish Protestant immigrants (Ulster-Scots/Scots-Irish).

      He has stated that he could have represented Northern Ireland because of his grandfather’s heritage, so I’d leave the label “Northern Irish” as it is now.

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