Julian Arahanga

Birth Name: Julian Arahanga Parr

Place of Birth: Raetihi, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand

Date of Birth: 18 December, 1972

*father – English, 1/8th French, 1/8th Northern Irish, 1/16th Māori, 1/16th Irish, 1/16th Norwegian, possibly 1/16th Danish/Swedish
*mother – English, 1/8th German, 1/8th Irish, 1/8th Northern Irish, 3/32nd Samoan, 1/16th Irish, 1/16th Tongan

Julian Arahanga also known as Sonny Arahanga, is a New Zealand actor, director, and producer.

Julian stated:

I look Māori and feel Māori.

Julian is the son of Lynne Parr (Kruse) and Larry George Parr, a New Zealand screenwriter. His affiliations are Ngāti Rangi, Ngāti Raukawa and Te Āti Haunui-a-Pāpārangi. He is married to Rebecca Arahanga, with whom he has five children. He is a half-brother of actor Tammy Davis.

Julian is sometimes said to have Estonian ancestry. This does not appear to be accurate.

Julian’s paternal grandfather is Ray Parr (the son of Harold Roland Parr and Phyllis Irene Matilda Morgan). Harold was the son of William Henry Parr, from London, Middlesex, and of Elizabeth Jane Dawson, from County Derry, Northern Ireland. Phyllis was the daughter of Henry/Harry Morgan, who was of English, and one quarter Māori, descent, and of Alice May/Mei Broughton, whose father was of English and Māori descent, and whose mother was from Waterford, Ireland.

Julian’s paternal grandmother was Iris Dawn Dauphin (the daughter of David Francis “Jack” Dauphin and May Adelaide Wallace). David was the son of Auguste Alfred Dauphin, from Lyon, France, and of Fanny Sims, from London, England. Julian’s great-grandmother May was the daughter of John Ernest Wallace, from New South Wales, Australia, and of Elsie Mary Hughes, whose paternal grandparents were English and whose mother was born in Rygge, Ostfold, Norway. John Ernest Wallace was adopted by the Wallaces. His biological father was said to be Knut/Knud Jespersen, who was of Scandinavian [Danish and Swedish] descent.

Julian’s maternal grandfather was John James William Kruse (the son of Johann Emil Kruse and Emma Louisa Mann). Julian’s grandfather John was born in Apia, Samoa. Julian’s great-grandfather Johann was the son of Friedrich Jurgen “Fritz” Kruse, from Fehmarn, Germany, and of Lucy/Luse Purcell, from Malaela, Upolu, Samoa, who was of Samoan and English descent. Julian’s great-grandmother Emma was the daughter of Thomas William Mann, who was of English and Irish descent, and of Emma Louise Giles, from Tonga, who was of English and Tongan descent.

Julian’s maternal grandmother was Margaret Eileen Mayo (the daughter of Leslie Edward Mayo and Phyllis Elizabeth Mary Harneiss). Leslie was the son of John Henry Mayo, from Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England, and of Florence Maud Hammond, whose parents were from Suffolk, England. Julian’s great-grandmother Phyllis was the daughter of James “Jim” Harneiss, whose father was English, from Thornton, Lincolnshire, and whose maternal grandparents were Scottish, of Irish descent; and of Mary Emerson, whose parents were from Lurgan, County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

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