Birth Name: Nikola Michal Bogojevic

Place of Birth: Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: December 21, 1991

*father – Serbian
*mother – German, as well as 1/16th Polish, 1/16th Bohemian Czech, possibly Hungarian

Otis is an American professional wrestler. He is known for his work in WWE. He has also wrestled under the names Otis Dozovic, Dozer, El Gran Gordo, and Niko Bogojevic.

He grew up in Superior, Wisconsin, the son of Kim and Zoran Bogojevic. His father was born in Montenegro, of Serbian descent.

Otis’ maternal grandfather was named Jerome Pasterski. Jerome was of three quarters German, one eighth Polish, and one eighth Bohemian Czech descent.

Otis’ maternal grandmother was named Myrna Halase. Halase is typically a version of the Hungarian surname Halasz.

Otis’ maternal third great-grandfather, Anton Pasterski, emigrated from the part of Prussia that is now Poland. Otis’ maternal third great-grandmother, Anna Tauber, emigrated from Bohemia, Czech Republic. The rest of Otis’ traceable great-grandparents were of German descent.

Sources: Naturalization record of Otis’ father – https://www.familysearch.org

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