Odeya Rush

Odeya Rush

Rush in 2012, image via kathclick/bigstock.com

Birth Name: Odeya Rushinek

Place of Birth: Haifa, Israel

Date of Birth: May 12, 1997

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Odeya Rush is an Israeli-born actress and model. She has had leading roles in the films The Odd Life of Timothy Green, We Are What We Are, The Giver, See You in Valhalla, Goosebumps, Almost Friends, The Hunter’s Prayer, The Bachelors, Lady Bird, Dear Dictator, Dumplin’, Spinning Man, Let It Snow, Pink Skies Ahead, Cha Cha Real Smooth, and Umma, and on the Israeli show Baalat HaChalomot.

Born in Haifa, Israel, her father, Shlomo Rushinek, is an Israeli-born Jew, with Polish Jewish ancestry, and her mother, Maia Grinfeld, is a Russian Jewish immigrant. Odeya’s grandmother lived in Ukraine. Her first name means “I will thank God” in Hebrew. Odeya moved to the U.S. at the age of nine, initially living in Alabama, where her father worked as a security consultant. Her family later moved to Midland Park, New Jersey, and then Los Angeles, California.

Odeya’s paternal line can be traced back to her seventh great-grandfather, Samson Rusinek.

Odeya’s paternal grandfather was Mordechai/Mordecai Rusinek (the son of Shlomo/Szlomo Rusinek and Hanna/Chana Sara Schneiderman/Shniedermann). Mordechai was a Polish Jew. Shlomo was born in Pilica, Zawiercie County, Silesian Voivodeship, the son of Rafal Rusinek and Chana Jablonowska/Herbet. Shlomo and his father were killed in the Holocaust, in 1942, in the Treblinka extermination camp. Hanna was born in Zawiercie, Zawiercie County. She was killed in the Holocaust, in 1942.

Odeya’s paternal grandmother is the daughter of Asher Zelig Bendel/Bendall and Chila. Asher was the son of Aron Tzwi Bendel. Chila was the daughter of Tzwi and Gitel.

Source: Genealogy of Odeya Rush (focusing on her father’s side) – https://www.geni.com


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Oaken05 says:

    Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up…and get a room.

  2. ashash says:

    This comment section is insane.

  3. danishcookie7 says:

    So strange how people just assume she MUST have African DNA just because of her lips. Many European have full lips. Stop this nonsense. Jeri Ryan is German and has naturally full lips and a natural curvy body yet people on her page assume she must have some black great-grandparent.

    • Oaken05 says:

      So seem like you have a big chip on your shoulder, and multiple social hang-ups. I’d hope you’d work through it somewhere other than here.

    • AdamOz says:

      Odeya Rush is Ashkenazi Jewish, so she’s of Middle Eastern + South European ancestry

      • AdamOz says:


        I don’t know why I can’t respond to you directly anymore, but…

        I’m Jewish. I’m pretty sure I know my own people better than you do.

        Just look at Ahed Tamimi.

        Conversely, look at Amir Arison. Look at Idan Raichel. Or Susanna Hoffs. They’re Ashkenazi Jewish and very clearly non-European.

      • andrew says:

        @ AdamOz

        How common is the name “Amir” among Jews? It’s pretty much Arabic.

        • l!ttletimmy says:

          Arison’s profile is on this site and he’s a full European Jew. I see no point in denying that. That is unless you believe Ashkenazi jews are converts. That is a common (often antisemitic) claim parroted on many forums. Nonetheless not backed up by genetic evidence.

      • andrew says:


        Cmq nel secondo sito che hai menzionato, c’è una Berid gallery che credo possa aiutarti. Sempre di pseudo-scienza si tratta, ma tant’è.

      • andrew says:

        No, ci sono esempi Berid (per lo più Spagnoli e Portoghesi) che te pensi siano Arabi, Ispanici etc. Non come la cantante islandese che hai commentato.

        Per essere una ragazza sei piuttosto maleducata e ignorante. Fatti la ceretta che è meglio.

      • andrew says:

        Come li veda io è superfluo, visto che tiri in ballo questa cosa del Berid in continuazione, chi sa mai che capisci cos’è, ma dubito.

  4. littlebodybigheart says:

    Her father is Polish Jewish.

  5. Manila says:

    Maia’s maiden surname is Greenfeld.

    Odeya’s paternal line can be traced back to her seventh great-grandfather, Samson Rusinek.

    Odeya’s paternal grandfather was Mordechai Rusinek (the son of Shlomo Rusinek and Hanna Schneiderman). Mordechai was Polish Jewish. Odeya’s great-grandfather Shlomo was the son of Rafal Rusinek and Chana Herbet.

    Odeya’s paternal grandmother is the daughter of Asher Bendall and Chila.

    Genealogy of Odeya Rush – https://www.geni.com/people/Odeya-Rush/6000000076979048855

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