Nathaniel J. Potvin

Potvin in 2018, photo by DFree/

Place of Birth: Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 2, 1999

*father – French-Canadian, English, Italian, German
*mother – African-American

Nathaniel J. Potvin is an American actor and dancer. He co-starred in The Prom (2020).

Nathaniel’s paternal grandfather is the son of Wilfred Bernard Potvin and Bethia Harriet Blodgett. Wilfred was the son of Jos Onesime Wilfrid Potvin and Ellen T. Mercier, and was of French-Canadian descent. Bethia was the daughter of Walter Leon Blodgett, who was of Colonial American [English] descent, and of Ada Howarth, who was born in England.

Nathaniel’s paternal grandmother is the daughter of Alfred Rotondo and Ethel Martha Schwarzenberg. Alfred was the son of Enrico Sabato/Gregorio Rotondo and Grazia Maria Antonacci, who were from Santo Stefano di Sessanio, L’Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy. Ethel was the daughter of German parents, Karl Heinrich/Henry Schwarzenberg, from Hohenstein, Sachsen, and Martha Anna “Erna” Kaufmann, from Peterswaldau, Silesia.

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  1. Oaken05 says:

    Where’s the source links and/or descriptions to the information, though?

  2. andrew says:

    He is biracial.

    *European (father)
    *African-American (mother)

    His surname is usually French (possibly French-Canadian), but also via England.

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