Tyler Griffin

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 4

*father – English, German, 1/32 French-Canadian
*mother – African-American

Tyler Griffin is an American actor. He is the son of Ileane Rusch, a film producer, and Patrick Griffin, a film music composer. His aunt (father’s sister) was Julie Jensen, who was murdered in 1998, in a prominent murder case.

Tyler’s paternal grandfather was Raymond Lewis Griffin (the son of William Mathias Griffin and Grace Lovena Gullidge). William was the son of Henry Cross Griffin, who was of three quarters English, and one quarter French-Canadian, descent, and of Katherine Emma Bain, whose parents were German. Grace was the daughter of James Gullidge, who was English, and of Mary Elizabeth Clark.

Tyler’s paternal grandmother was June Constance Hackert (the daughter of Frederick William Hackert and Jessie Louise Hall). June was born in Illinois. Frederick was born in Pennsylvania, to German parents. Jessie was the daughter of Harvey Hall and Louise Street, whose parents were English.

Tyler’s maternal grandmother was singer, actress, and vocal coach Gloria Rusch (born Gloria Jean Rausch). Gloria was born in Alabama, and was African-American. Tyler’s maternal grandfather is unknown but is said to be an African American man.

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  1. MissMaria says:

    @Oaken05, 1/32 French Canadian should just be listed as French-Canadian. No need to put 1/32 when that is on the same ethnic level as listing it 1/1 or 1/2

  2. MissMaria says:

    @ethnic, why did you put 1/32 French Canadian? Why not put just French Canadian?

  3. ethnic says:

    I got an email from John and he insists he didnt have any children. He was married for a time to Tyler’s maternal grandmother Gloria.

  4. madman says:

    Wasn’t John Novello his grandfather?

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