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Birth Name: Mylène Jeanne Gautier

Place of Birth: Pierrefonds, Québec, Canada

Date of Birth: 12 September, 1961

Ethnicity: French, Breton

Mylène Farmer is a Canadian-born French singer, songwriter, actress, writer, and entrepreneur.

Mylène was born in Pierrefonds, Québec, Canada. Her parents moved there from France in the late 1950s. Her father is from Marseille and her mother was born in Lennon, Brittany. Mylène was raised in Ville-d’Avray, Paris, France.

She took her stage name after American actress Frances Farmer.

Mylène’s paternal grandfather was Paul Albert Gautier (the son of Adolphe Gautier and Louise Elisabeth Amélie Duval de Saint-Claire). Paul was born in Kourou, Guyane, Guyane, France. Adolphe was the son of Jean-Baptiste Benjamin Gautier and Marie-Apollonie Jourdan. Louise was the daughter of Louis Camille Duval de Saint-Claire and Charlotte Françoise Léontine Trabaud.

Mylène’s paternal grandmother was Jeanne Lidy Anne Alceste Chaila (the daughter of Hippolyte Eugène Théophile Chaila and Jeanne Anne Luce D’Espaux d’Arricades). Mylène’s grandmother Jeanne was born in Cayenne, Guyane, Guyane, France. Hippolyte was the son of Jean Louis Eugène Chaila and Laurence Elisabeth Joséphine Alceste Poupon. Mylène’s great-grandmother Jeanne was the daughter of Louis Eugène D’Espaux d’Arricades and Zoé Lydie Questel.

Mylène’s maternal grandfather was Germain Martin (the son of Jean Martin and Marie Anne Toutoux). Germain was born in Lennon, Finistère, Bretagne, France. Jean was the son of François Martin and Marie Isabelle Tromeur. Mylène’s great-grandmother Marie Anne the daughter of Jean-Louis Toutoux and Marie Anne Glévarec.

Mylène’s maternal grandmother was Marie Anne Bronnec (the daughter of Yves Bronnec and Marie Marguerite Chaussy). Mylène’s grandmother Marie Anne was born in Pleyben, Finistère, Bretagne, France. Yves was the son of Grégoire Bronnec and Marie Anne Plouzennec. Mylène’s great-grandmother Marie Marguerite was the daughter of Yves Chaussy and Anne Annette Queffelean.

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