Ricky Gervais

66th Annual Golden Globes - Arrivals

Gervais in 2009, photo by PRphotos

Birth Name: Ricky Dene Gervais

Place of Birth: Reading, Berkshire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 25 June, 1961

*father – French-Canadian, possibly distant English and Iroquois First Nations
*mother – English

Ricky Gervais is a British stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer, director, and singer. He is known for his role in the British comedy series The Office.

Ricky’s father was born in Kent, Ontario, Canada, and was of French-Canadian descent, with possibly distant English roots. Ricky has also stated that he has distant Iroquois First Nations ancestry on his father’s side.

Ricky’s mother was English.

Ricky’s paternal grandfather was Adélard Gervais (the son of Stanislas Gervais and Marie-Françoise Pelletier). Adélard was born in Pain Court, Chatham-Kent Division, Ontario, Canada. Stanislas was the son of Stanislas Gervais and Marie Allaire. Marie-Françoise was the daughter of Louis Pelletier and Geneviève Beaugrand.

Ricky’s paternal grandmother was Florence-Irene Desloges (the daughter of François Desloges and Mary-Minnie Wilcox). Florence was born in Chatham, Kent County, Ontario. François was the son of François Desloges and Sophie St-Amour/Sadwell. Wilcox is usually an English surname.

Ricky’s maternal grandfather was Frank Leonard House (the son of Thomas/Tom George House and Maria Alice Hall). Frank was born in Reading, Berkshire, England. Thomas was the son of Joseph Squibb House and Eliza Bollen. Maria was the daughter of John Hall.

Ricky’s maternal grandmother was Eva Kate Hawkins (the daughter of John Hawkins and Sophia Savage). Eva was born in Reading, Berkshire, England. John was the son of William Hawkins and Mary Ann Read. Sophia was the daughter of Frederick Savage and Lucy Day.

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