Eugenie Bouchard

2013 Tennis - WTA Tour Pre-Wimbledon Party - Arrivals

Place of Birth: Montreal, Québec, Canada

Date of Birth: February 25, 1994

Ethnicity: French-Canadian, some Irish, distant Scottish and English, 1/128th Algonquin First Nations

Eugenie Bouchard is a Canadian professional tennis player. She is the daughter of mother Julie Leclair and father Michel Bouchard. She has a fraternal twin sister, Beatrice, who is six minutes older. Eugenie speaks both French and English.

Aside from French-Canadian, her ancestry includes some Irish, and distant Scottish and English. Her maternal great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Marie Binisi Okipikokive Ikwesens, was of Algonquin First Nations background.

Eugenie’s paternal grandfather is Gilles Bouchard (the son of Gerard Bouchard and Rollande Monte). Gerard was the son of Alphonse Bouchard and Georgiana Girard. Rollande was the daughter of Octave Monty and Marie Lacasse.

Eugenie’s paternal grandmother is Huguette Martin (the daughter of Juvenal Martin and Georgette Martineau). Juvenal was the son of Aristide Martin and Agnes Guay. Georgette was the daughter of Louis Martineau and Marie-Louise Grenier.

Eugenie’s maternal grandfather is Dorval Leclair (the son of Lorenzo Leclair and Gertrude Levesque). Lorenzo was the son of Edmond Leclair and Josephine Leclair. Gertrude was the daughter of Joseph Levesque and Adeline Adam.

Eugenie’s maternal grandmother is Coleen-Jean-Margaret Murphy (the daughter of Daniel Murphy and Jeanne-d’Arc Nault). Daniel was of Irish descent, the son of William Murphy and Margaret Fleming. Eugenie’s great-grandmother Jeanne-d’Arc was the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Nault and Elmire Riopel.

Eugenie’s matrilineal great-great-great-great-grandmother, Mary-Margaret Lynn, was also Irish, born in Finvoy, Antrim.

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  1. Fatmonkey says:


    1) Scottish (through her ancestor, Andrew McPherson)


    2) Algonquin Native American (through Andrew’s wife and Eugenie’s ancestress, Marie Binisi Okipikokive Ikwesens)

  2. Fatmonkey says:

    English, as well, through her ancestress, Rose Mathilde Dunning:

  3. allennox says:

    Can she also have Italian ancestry through the monte line Monte Name Meaning: Italian (Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna), Spanish, Portuguese, and Jewish (from Italy): topographic name for someone who lived on or …

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