Monica Raymund

Raymund in 2010, Helga Esteb /

Place of Birth: St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 26, 1986

*father – English, Ashkenazi Jewish
*mother – Dominican Republic

Monica Raymund is an American actress. She is known for her roles on the shows Lie to Me, The Good Wife, Chicago Fire, and Hightown.

Monica is the daughter of Sonia, who co-founded the Soulful Arts Dance Academy in St. Petersburg, and Steve Raymund, the retired CEO of Tech Data Corp., a distributor of computer components and software.

Her father, who is caucasian and from California, is of half English (from his own father) and half Ashkenazi Jewish (from his own mother) ancestry. Her mother is from the Dominican Republic. Monica was raised Jewish and had a Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

Monica has said:

My father is white & Jewish. My mother is brown & Dominican. I’m proud of my heritage on both sides. Their love inspired me. #UnityMovement

Monica’s paternal grandfather was Edward Charles Raymund (the son of William Bernard Raymond and Vera Pauline Maxson). Edward was born in California, and was a philanthropist and businessperson, who founded the family company Tech Data Corp., a multi-billion dollar corporation. Edward had English ancestry. William was the son of William Bernard Raymond and Ruby Z. Downs. Vera was the daughter of Charles Fremont Maxson and Mary Pearl Smith.

Monica’s paternal grandmother was Annette Leah Davidson (the daughter of Morris Davidson and Myrtle Spector). Annette was born in New York, to a Lithuanian Jewish father, from Vilnius County, and a Russian Jewish mother. Myrtle was the daughter of Abraham Spector, from Kiev, and of Ida.

Monica’s maternal grandmother is named Maria Lara.


Genealogy of Monica Raymund (focusing on her father’s side) –

Obituary of Monica’s paternal grandfather, Edward Charles Raymund –


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. jonasbsjr says:

    ”white&jewish” LMAO

  2. andrew says:


    Dont be ridiculous this time, it’s obvious she looks mixed-race. I actually think many people in U.S. would guess her as Latina at first sight, rather than AA.

    • fuzzybear44 says:


      Not been ridiculous about anything, I had no idea she was mixed. especially with a name like raymund I see women and and girls like her all the time, that have two African American parent. As for looking latina to some people, that possible. However that maybe from people like yourself, whose exposure is a little lacking. Since you and certain other people have just one look for us black folk

      • danishcookie7 says:

        @fuzzybear44 Monica Raymund is not black no matter how hard you want her to be. She is mixed race and looks it. Genetically she is more caucasian than african since her dominican mom likely has distant european ancestry too.

        • fuzzybear44 says:


          First please read what on the screen, not what your mind put there. At no time did I say she was black. She did not look mixed to me when I first saw her, because I see women like her an lighter all time. The African American women here, have all kinds of facial traits. They have different types of hair texture, after all we are also a MGM people, so it’s pretty easy to confused us with people. who are half. Also I don’t want her to be anything, and could care less about her being black. I don’t win anything by her identifying that way. So you could get that out your mind.

  3. jojo157 says:

    A lot of dominicans like to deny their blackness but this girl right here is proof enough that dominicans are black and their genes are thriving. This girl has a white father and yet she still came out looking black. She’s just a light skin dominican black girl who flat irons her curly hair.

    • andrew says:

      There’s no such black crap in DR. They are all mulattoes. They call “negro” (that means black in Spanish) the dark-skinned ones.

    • activated says:

      anybody with functioning eyes can tell that this woman is not black, no black person looks like that. No offence but some of you black folks need to stop claiming obviously mixed people as looking like typical black people it screams self hate and insecurity

      • fuzzybear44 says:


        It’a apparent you don’t know what the African Americans over here look like. Until I found out she was half white, I didn’t know. because she is not unusual in my area. Saying stop claiming obviously mixed people ,almost every black person over here is mixed. It’s not self hate and insecurity, we just have different colors in our families, and if the person doesn’t scream I’m half whatever, we might know. maybe in little haiti, she might stand out, but not in my area

  4. chicoriveira54252 says:

    beautiful mulatto girl

  5. gmillaz says:

    correction dominican republic descent

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