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Birth Name: Felicity Kendall Huffman

Place of Birth: Bedford, Westchester, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 9, 1962

Ethnicity: German, English, French, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, Dutch, Irish

Felicity Huffman is an American actress. Her roles include television’s Sports Night, Desperate Housewives, American Crime, and When They See Us, and the films Transamerica, Georgia Rule, The Spanish Prisoner, Magnolia, Cake, and Tammy’s Always Dying.

Felicity is the daughter of Grace Valle (Ewing) and Moore Peters Huffman, who were both from upper-class families. Felicity is married to actor William H. Macy, with whom she has two children. She is nicknamed Flicka.

When Felicity was fourteen, she discovered that her biological father was Roger Tallman Maher, a family friend with whom her mother had had an affair. Felicity, the youngest of eight children, was raised by both Grace and Moore Huffman after their divorce, and considers Moore to be her father. She discussed this family situation on the show Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2019).

Moore Huffman’s parents were Otto Von Huffman (the son of William Huffman and Emily/Emilie Hivling Huston) and Betsy/Betsey King Peters (the daughter of The Rev. Gershom Moore Peters, Jr. and Mary Elizabeth King). Otto was born in Ohio. Betsy was born in New York. The Rev. Gershom was a Baptist minister. He was the son of Gershom Moore Peters and Miranda Eaton. The Rev. Gershom was a founder of the Peters Cartridge Company, which specialized in gunpowder and ammunition. Mary Elizabeth was the daughter of Joseph Warren King, who had founded the King Mills Powder Company, and of Betsy/Betsey Kendall.

Felicity’s biological paternal grandfather was Frank H./Kimball Maher (the son of John Maher and Anna/Anaseneah Tallman). Frank was born in Winsted, Litchfield, Connecticut. John was born in Ireland/Northern Ireland, and was the son of John Meagher and Mary. Anna was born in Washington County, New York, the daughter of Benjamin Franklin/Frank Tallman and Alzina Kimball.

Felicity’s biological paternal grandmother was Grace Brown (the daughter of Frederick Solyman Brown and Effie Grace Wooster). Grace Brown was born in Connecticut, to a family with ancestral lines in the state going back to the 1600s. Frederick was the son of Edgar Lucius Brown and Susan Taylor. Grace Wooster was the daughter of Hollis Wooster and Esther Betsey/Betsy Whitney.

Felicity’s maternal grandfather was William Ewing (the son of Frederick B. Ewing and Jessie Vallé). William was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and was a wealthy banker. Frederick was a prominent St. Louis businessperson, and was the son of William L. Ewing and Claire/Clara Berthold, who was of French heritage. Claire’s father was born near Trento, Trentino, Italy. Claire’s maternal great-grandfather, Pierre Laclède-Liguest, who was born in Bedous, Béarn, France, was the founder of St. Louis. Jessie was the daughter of François/Felix Jules Vallé and Isabella/Belle H. Sargent.

Felicity’s maternal grandmother was Maria von Phul Taylor (the daughter of Henry von Phul Taylor and Martha Newton “Mattie” Lindsay). Maria was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Henry was the son of Thomas Meredith/Meridith Taylor and Ann/Anna Maria/Marie von Phul, who herself was of German and French descent, with a maternal grandfather born in Versailles, France. Martha was born in New Mexico, the daughter of Andrew Jackson Lindsay and Jane “Jennie” Delaney/Delany, who was of Irish descent.

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    That’s not true Hufman, it’s just another spelling for Hoffman.. and all the first hoffmans recorded byy history books had as a first os dìsecond name Christian.. Huffman and Hoffman are mostly Chritian German names…

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