Masiela Lusha

Birth Place: Tirana, Albania

Ethnicity: Albanian

Masiela Lusha is an American actress and writer. She was born in Albania, and moved to the U.S. when she was seven years old. She is fluent in Albanian and has written books in both English and Albanian. She is famous for playing Carmen Lopez on the ABC series George Lopez.

photo by s_bukley /


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. ssempre says:

    thats disrespectful that she played and latina girl in George Lopez, in my opinion.

    • thomas1987 says:

      Why is that be disrespectful ???
      because she’s white???
      well Latin isn’t a race,its a culture.. anyone can be a Latina.
      where do you think the Spanish language and there culture came from??? It came from Spain a white country..most Latinos are native Americans or mestiza too meaning half white/half native American. But others are full white,full black,full Asian, or mixed with either of above.
      I don’t think it was disrespectful, its called acting.
      did you want a native American to play her role???

  2. tinasheeeee says:

    She looks kinda like Jennette McCurdy in this picture.

  3. Tatum says:

    What ?
    He doesn’t look like a Hispanic !
    He is fullblood Albanian. He looks like a normal typical Albanian woman.
    ALBANIANS are normal white like Irish, English, German…
    Race: Non-Hispanics-White.
    He also look like a Irish or English woman. :/

  4. Zeshkanja says:

    She’s gorgeous!

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