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Birth Name: Christopher Marshall Comstock

Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 19, 1992

Ethnicity: English, French, German, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, Swiss-German, Welsh, 1/1024 Cherokee Native American, 1/2048 Patawomeck Native American, 1/2048 Shawnee Native American, 1/8192 Piscataway Native American, as well as small amount of Belgian [Walloon], Channel Islander [Jersey], Dutch, Swedish

Marshmello is an American electronic dance music producer and DJ. He is also known as Dotcom.

Marshmello is the son of Stephanie and Matthew Comstock.

Marshmello’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced to his fourth great-grandfather, William Robert Comstock (c. 1820, Ohio – between 1850 and 1852, Meigs County, Ohio).

Marshmello’s paternal grandfather is Harold Eugene “Gene” Comstock (the son of Hugh Clinton Comstock and Nina Mary Elizabeth West). Eugene was born in Richwood, West Virginia. Hugh was the son of Harry Clinton Comstock and Myrtle Blanche Cunningham. Nina was the daughter of George Arthur West and Martha Katie Ellender Shaver.

Marshmello’s paternal grandmother is Shelby Jean Sevy (the daughter of Claude Leslie Sevy and Nona Dorothy Ramsey). Shelby was born in Hico, West Virginia. Claude was the son of Roscoe Sevy and Minerva Lee Summers. Roscoe’s paternal fourth great-grandmother, Eughioote (also known as Elizabeth Tassel), was a Cherokee Native American. Also, his maternal fifth great-grandfather, William Redman, was a Patawomeck Native American. Marshmello’s great-grandmother Nona was the daughter of William Valentine Ramsey and Emma Catherine Crist.

Marshmello’s maternal grandfather is Garley Ray “Tommy” Whitt, Jr. (the son of Garley Ray Whitt and Gertie Mae Shelton). Tommy was born in Lillybrook, West Virginia. Marshmello’s great-grandfather Ray was the son of Merideth Minefee Whitt and Essie Mays. Merideth’s paternal fifth great-grandmother, Minitha Straight Tail, was a Shawnee Native American. Gertie was the daughter of Milton Herman Shelton and Lula Ada Keith.

Marshmello’s maternal grandmother is Brenda Jean Jones (the daughter of David Bill Jones and Velma Florence Hungate). Brenda was born in Coal City, West Virginia. David was the son of Willie D. Jones and Minnie Melvin Young. Velma is the daughter of Ervin Caperton Hungate and Mary Callie Graves. Ervin’s paternal seventh great-grandmother, Mary Kittamaquund, was a Piscataway Native American.

Marshmello’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his fifth great-grandmother, Mary Holliday, of Virginia.

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    Are the “small amounts” smaller than the Native American fractions? If so, why are they even included? To me, that’s what the text implies, more or less.

    • follers says:

      Madman, since you added Noah Centineo, have you managed to locate his Puerto Rican and Native American ancestry?

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        I didn’t, but I had the feeling he was a growing star, that’s why I submitted him.

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