Mark Salling

Salling in 2011, Helga Esteb/

Birth Name: Mark Wayne Salling

Date of Birth: August 17, 1982

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Date of Death: January 30, 2018

Place of Death: Sunland, Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Ethnicity: English, German, with more distant Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and Dutch

Mark Salling was an American actor and musician. His roles included the series Glee and the film Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering.

Mark had deep roots in the American South, going back to the 1600s on many lines. His ancestry included English and German, along with smaller amounts (to varying degrees) of Welsh, Scottish, Dutch, and Irish. In responding to a question about his ancestry on The Wendy Williams Show, in 2009, Mark stated, “I’m whatever you want me to be.”

Mark’s patrilineal line can be traced to Johan Pierre Salin, who was born, c. 1670, in Furth, Germany.

Mark’s paternal grandfather was John Robert Salling (the son of Minnis Theodore Salling and Harriet Alma Tucker). John was born in Ohio. Minnis was the son of John Henry Salling and Amanda Palestine White. Harriet was the daughter of Robert Bell Tucker and Elizabeth Francis Scott.

Mark’s paternal grandmother was Mildred Aline Archer (the daughter of Claude Falkner Archer and Nancy Aline McIntyre). Mildred was born in Texas. Claude was the son of James Jefferson Archer and Samantha Cooper. Nancy was the daughter of John Thomas McIntyre and Alabama Lamberth.

Mark’s maternal grandfather was Wayne Stanton Wherry (the son of Eli Herbert Wherry and Lois Estella Phare). Wayne was born in Missouri. Eli was the son of William Wherry and Isadora Telitha Matthews. Lois was the daughter of John Jay Phare and Cornelia/Kerna Lourrinda/Laurenda Shaffer.

Mark’s maternal grandmother was Cleo Bess Donelson (the daughter of Burgess Alexander/E. Donelson and Ida Dorn). Cleo was born in Texas. Burgess was the son of Aaron Taylor Donelson and Martha Leona Copeland. Ida was the daughter of John Melvin Dorn and Talva/Talvy Ann McCreless.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. levangelista36 says:

    Words of the day: I hate Glee.

    He is exotic. Whether he is white or not, I do not see why that even matters . . .

    Of course this is a site for ethnicity and race.

  2. Sweden says:

    Wow just because you have a tan does not mean you have black or Spanish in you…what is wrong with people??? What about white people who become really tanned in the summer time? Does that make them non-white? NO…you can see what someone is in their facial features which is what race/ethnicity/ is based on, NOT skin colour…Like seriously give me a break. You do not have to be pale pale pale to be “white European”…it is in accordance with your features (skull shape, eye shape/colour, nose, hair texture, lips, ears, body type, etc). You cannot tell what someone is all the time just by looking at them, looks can be very deceiving, especially when it comes to race/ethnicity when you least expect it. Sometimes a person has hidden origins that the ignorant people out there will never stop to think about or research about before they talk out of their asses. Like really do some research before you speak out of ignorance…learn something about yourselves first and learn where you come from as well…your genetic makeup, instead of worrying about other people’s genetic makeup and how they identify as. Stop arguing with genetic Science as well. If someone is fucking biracial/triracial/multipracial, that is what they are!!! So they are going to embrace all of their ethnicities. There is no “you are just one of these things” or “you are what the world perceives you as” nonsense. The world would be so much better if you guys use the knowledge you are born with and think rationally. If you do not know something, RESEARCH it. Then you would become more educated and there would be less room for ignorance and errors in people’s logic all the time. I really hope some people take this advice. And this is not to everyone, only those people who know I am talking about them :D

  3. DaTruth says:

    I don’t know what it is, but i think there;s more to him than English, Scottish, German. You guys see how he did not deny having black or Hispanic ancestors on Wendy. I’m thinking Native american or something…. His hair looks curly too, but then again he could have done that.

    • levangelista36 says:

      He probably has something down the line. His parents are not exotic-looking. They just look like regular white folk, but Mark is. He looks like his mother facially and yet she still looks very white while he doesn’t.

  4. OTHER says:

    he is just a different white guy

    • ihatemostpeople says:

      He’s not white. He’s mixed. IDGAF if it says he’s white on here. I know he’s hiding that he’s part black. I know a lot celebrities love to hide their black ancestry because it could “hurt” their career. He doesn’t look 100% white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love you, Roger Scientist says:

    Anyway, you won’t know his ethnicity until he states it.

    I just really don’t care.

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