Madison Beer

2014 Arthur Ashe Kids' Day in New York City on August 23, 2014

Beer in 2014, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Madison Elle Beer

Place of Birth: Jericho, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 5, 1999

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Madison Beer is an American singer and actress. Her parents are both Jewish. Madison had a Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

Madison’s paternal grandfather is Morton “Morty” D. Beer (the son of Samuel Beer and Esther “Essie” Golditch). Esther was born in the Russian lands, the daughter of Abraham Golditch and Rachel.

Madison’s paternal grandmother is Lorraine Sosnow (the daughter of Morris Sosnow and Kate). Morris and Kate were Polish Jews.

Madison’s maternal grandfather is Martin Robert Ross/Rosenkranz (the son of Nathan Rosenkranz and Edna Goldman). Martin was born in New York.

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  1. Yeravam says:

    I looked up her family history and it turns out that, yes, she does have a Moroccan-Jewish grandmother. Her name is Nana J.

  2. jordanft19 says:

    Have confirmed with her that she is a quarter Sephardi and 3/4 Ashkenazi.

  3. bablah says:

    Madison’s maternal grandfather is Martin Robert Ross/Rosenkranz (the son of Nathan Rosenkranz and Edna Goldman). Martin was born in New York.

  4. sasssasssasha says:

    Her mother is half Morrocan and half white. Her dad is probably white. That makes her 25 percent morrocan probably.

  5. lelo4 says:

    Looks very Jordanian/Palestinian.

    • TheHelper says:

      @lelo4 No, she doesn’t. She looks White because she is. She tans to make herself darker.

      • littlebodybigheart says:

        Jewish people aren’t white.

        • fatkat says:

          lol. of course she is white!

        • TheHelper says:

          @ littlebodybigheart Most Jewish people are White. Jewish isn’t a race, it’s a religion.

          • littlebodybigheart says:

            Jewish is an ethnicity as well as a religion. Jewish people originate from the Middle East (modern day Israel/Palestine).

          • sitman18 says:

            Jews are an ethnic group and always have been. This isn’t even debatable. It’s been this way throughout history and it’s been repeatedly confirmed by DNA.

            The only people who keep claiming that Jews are just a religious group are either ignorant or have political motives.

          • Yeravam says:

            We’re an ethnic group too. 99% of the world’s Jews are ethnic Jews. We are not converts. The belief that Ashkenazi Jews are simply ethnic Europeans/whites who practice Judaism has been proven incorrect countless times, and is essentially anti-Semitic.

            If Ashkenazi Jews are white, so are Sephardim, Lebanese, and Syrians because we come from the same region and share most of our DNA in common.

      • sitman18 says:

        Jordanians and Palestinians are white. Or Ashkenazi are not White. You can’t have it both ways. Ashkenazi Jews are at least 50% Middle Eastern and the rest is Mediterranean. Levantine people are white when they’re not tanned.

        • andrew says:

          How are Jordanians (and Palestinians) white?? How so?

          • jackson9 says:

            I think @sitman18’s point is Jews regardless of Ashkenazi Sephardim etc. are closely related to Arabs especially the Palestinians so if one is part or not part of a race (caucasian in this case) the same applies to the other ethnic group.

          • Yeravam says:

            His point is that Ashkenazi Jews are Middle Eastern, and so if other Middle Eastern peoples are not white, then Ashkenazi Jews are not white either. To argue that they (Ashkenazi Jews) ARE white is to argue that they’re not Middle Eastern at all, and that their heritage is just a big fat lie. It’s a blatantly anti-Semitic argument.

          • Yeravam says:

            The view that Ashkenazi Jews are simply European/white people who practice Judaism may be a popular one, but it’s still wrong. And it’s still anti-Semitic.

          • electraheart says:

            Non-black middle easterns and north africans are literally included in US definition of ‘whiteness’
            The idea that whiteness is exlusive to europe is a eugenicist RACIST one (heck even eugenicists and nazi race scientists acknowledge the existence of White groupes in the MENA region who are of non-euro descent) Not to mention definitions of ‘whiteness’ vary depending on the region or culture but essentially it is often defined in relation to, blackness. So yeah as someone mentioned above, the reason a lot of MENA folks are brown is because of climatic reasons.. there’s a reason most third or even second generation non-black MENA immigrants look pasty as f*ck even with no euro admixture/intercultural marriages.

      • Yeravam says:

        “No, she doesn’t. She looks White because she is. She tans to make herself darker.”

        That’s how she looks naturally. She looks non-white because she IS non-white. Jews are a Middle Eastern ethnic group.

        Never mind that there are Palestinians and Jordanians who are fair-skinned and blonde.

        • andrew says:

          Ahahahah what a delusional agenda.

          Trying to darkwash the Jews to invent a brotherhood with their post WWII Arab new neighbours. So funny.

          • Yeravam says:

            “Ahahahah what a delusional agenda.”

            You’re the one who’s peddling Khazar bull—-, not me. You’re the one who’s disagreeing with scholarship, history, and peer-reviewed science.

            “Trying to darkwash the Jews to invent a brotherhood with their post WWII Arab new neighbours. So funny.”

            And I’m the one who’s delusional?

            NOBODY saw us as white throughout history. Our non-whiteness and Middle Eastern ethnic origins are a large part of the reason Europeans persecuted us in the first place. The idea that Ashkenazim are impostors with no ties to the Middle East is a very recent invention, and is mainly the purview of anti-Semites.

            Go back to Stormfront.

          • andrew says:

            Isn’t Stormfront permanently closed?


          • andrew says:

            Isn’t Stormfront permanently closed?

            Sometimes I read It abt 10 years ago. Some very funny opinions there.

            About you, if you’re really Jewish (but that is very unlikely) you are really a weirdo.

          • electraheart says:

            You’re the only delusional clown here lmao everything he said is true save for the fact that MENA people whether jewish or NOT and ashkenazi people all classify as WHITE regardless of what neo nazis AND sjw idpol freaks have to say. Whiteness doesn’t even mean actual white skin, majority of those you all perceive as a PINACLE of whiteness actually have PINK SKIN lmao, olive/beige and certain shades of brown skin classify culturally as white.. just like ‘Black’ isn’t limited to folks with an ACTUAL BLACK SKIN (half the people who classify as black are actually brown or even sometimes white skinned but are deemed as black due for historical and socio-economic reasons because as we all know race is a social construct.

          • andrew says:


            Did you make another account??

        • Yeravam says:

          “About you, if you’re really Jewish (but that is very unlikely) you are really a weirdo.”

          For stating facts? Because, no. Most Jews would call you out if you said any of the —- you’ve said in here (and on other Ashkenazi profiles) to their faces. Your views are anti-Semitic as —-.

          • Yeravam says:

            Ethnicelebs censors swear words, eh?

          • electraheart says:

            Exactly!! I really hope that andrew buffoon isn’t jewish but if he is then he’s clearly desperately doormating himself to gain proximity to WASPs and and euro-white supremacists lmao I can’t at him saying ‘darkwash jews’ as if ashkenazi jews were the only jews out there… not to mention the fact so many non jewish MENA folks are PASTY AF

          • jackson9 says:

            Andrew isn’t Jewish. the main contributors to this website who are Jewish include @Follers, @Yeravam, @Pookerella, @Passingtime (I think), and our favorite Cousin Douggy. Andrew is Italian + Finnish. and he is a really cool guy

          • jackson9 says:

            Oh and our old pal @Neil Tennant is 1/4 Ukrainian Jewish (if you’re ever on Jeopardy)

          • andrew says:

            Thank you Bearboy.

            I am not Jewish but openly Finnish/Italian as you know.

            Also I am not “antisemitic”. I am reading Liliana Segre memories atm.

          • passingtime85 says:

            I’m not Jewish by traditional Halakha, but my father was. I’m half by genetics/heritage. However if you go by old, old Hebrew/Israelite tradition, pre Babylonian captivity, I am by their standards, and by Reform standards, and by Karaite Judaism, and by a tongue in cheek modifed one drop rule, I am.

            Then I’m about 33% amerindian, and the rest is an assortment of west European stock.

          • Aiden says:

            I’m Jewish and I don’t understand what are you talking about lol

          • passingtime85 says:

            @Aiden, whom or what do you not understand? The whole conversation or a specific person?

        • what_ever says:

          Dont even make me go looking for Middle Eastern, Palestinian and Lebanese in particular, people to give you as proof that they are white. In fact, I think that maybe you should educate yourself on this subject called Archaelogy, before you open your mouth again. Jews are white. And the idea that Ashkenazi Jews lived in Europe for centuries and never intermixed is ridiculous and impossible. Also, maybe take a look at what Europeans look like, because you Americans have this idea that white means PALE, BLONDE, BLUE EYED AND STRAIGHT HAIRED. Ridiculous. Take a trip through Europe you will find a million Madison Beers.

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