Leila Lopes

Birth Name: Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes

Place of Birth: Benguela, Angola

Date of Birth: 26 February, 1986

Ethnicity: Angolan

Leila Lopes is an Angolan actress, model, and beauty queen. She was crowned the 2011 Miss Universe. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall and studied business management in the U.K.

Leila is the daughter of Dulce Costa and Geraldo Vieira Lopes. A picture of Leila with her father can be seen here. A picture of Leila with her mother can be seen here.

Leila is married to British-born American NFL player Osi Umenyiora, who is of Igbo Nigerian descent.

Leila has said:

Unfortunately a lot of information that are being published have absolutely no sense whatsoever. Among them, my ancestry. I don’t have any Cape Verdean ancestry, I’m 100% Angolan, the daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of Angolan people.

Sources: http://revistaepoca.globo.com

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. midori29 says:

    Its very annoying as a black woman to see every pretty black woman called mullata or mixed. Its ridiculous and society is soooo brainwashed. This woman is a Black African plain and simple. STOP mixing people up for no reason.

  2. Check7t says:

    Her facial features look Caucasian influenced, she obviously has Portuguese admixture as stated!

  3. arjanguelsk says:

    She have portuguese, se is Angolan with Portuguese on her….. With colonization born many mixed people ( mestizos ) and they have the last name cuz the ascendence. She can be predominantly black or what you want…. But she do have Portuguese on her. Anyways she is proud of her , of her culture and how and what she is.. And that is the important thing.

  4. multiethnic says:

    She’s ‘Mestico’, that’s the specific ethnic group in Angola of Portuguese descent.

  5. lima says:

    she didn’t say she has portuguese descendants loool, she just said that angola was colonized by the portuguese and thats where “Lopes” comes from. And whoever wrote the wiki page about her is a retard!

    • arjanguelsk says:

      A lot of people of Angola have Portuguese ascendence, in blood, ADN… He is not retard he just wrote what he found about her…. If u have another information tell us but do not insult other for what u think….

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