Kenny Ortega

Kenny Ortega  at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards Arrivals. Gibson Amph

Birth Name: Kenneth John Ortega

Place of Birth: Palo Alto, Santa Clara, California, United States

Date of Birth: April 18, 1950

Ethnicity: Spanish

Kenny Ortega is an American film and television producer, director, and choreographer. He is the son of Madeline (Martin), a waitress, and Octavio Robert “Tibby” Ortega, a factory worker.

Kenny’s paternal grandfather was Juan “John” Antonio Caballero Ortega (the son of Antonio Ortega y Ortega and Josefa/Josepha Caballero Chica). Juan was born in Jaén, Andalusia, Spain. Antonio was the son of Juan Ortega. Josefa was the daughter of Manuel Caballero and Silvestra Chica Gonzalez.

Kenny’s paternal grandmother was Maria Guadalupe Canada (the daughter of Francisco Rizquez Ocana/Cañada and Maria del Carmen Ortega Ocaña). Kenny’s grandmother Maria Guadalupe was born in Jaén. Francisco was the son of Juan Cañada Serrano and Antonia Rizquez Porcuna. Kenny’s great-grandmother Maria del Carmen was the daughter of Manuel Leonardo Ortega Lopez and Maria Antonia Ocaña Serrano.

Source: Kenny’s father on the 1930 U.S. Census –

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  1. andrew says:

    Jaén is in Andalusia, Spain.

  2. madman says:

    Is it certain that he is only of Spanish ancestry? He is the son of Madeline (Martin), a waitress, and Octavio “Tibby” Ortega, a factory worker.

    His parents are both said to have been born in California. Assuming that is true, anyone of these people are likely to be Kenny’s mother:

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