Manuel Merino

Birth Name: Manuel Arturo Merino de Lama

Place of Birth: Tumbes, Tumbes, Peru

Date of Birth: 20 August, 1961

Ethnicity: Peruvian [Spanish (including Andalusian, Asturian, Castilian, and Extremaduran), Basque, possibly other]

Manuel Merino is a Peruvian politician. He served as President of Peru, from 10 November, 2020 to 15 November, 2020. He was also First Vice President of Congress, from 25 July, 2011 to 26 July, 2012, and President of Congress, from 16 March, 2020 to 10 November, 2020. He represented Tumbes in Congress, from 26 July, 2001 to 26 July, 2006, 25 July 2011, to 26 July, 2016, and then 16 March, 2020 to 10 November, 2020.

He is the son of Pedro Alberto Merino Hidalgo and Elba Esperanza de Lama Barreto. He is married to early childhood teacher Mary Jacqueline Peña Carruitero, with whom he has three children.

Manuel’s paternal grandfather was Juan Alberto Merino Alemán (the son of Juan Leoncio Merino Roa and Mercedes Clementina Alemán Vinces). Leoncio was the son of Juan Manuel Merino Carrión and Mercedes Roa. Manuel’s great-grandmother Mercedes was the daughter of Isidoro Alemán Luna and Manuela Vinces Zárate.

Manuel’s paternal grandmother was Juana Dolores Hidalgo Alemán (the daughter of Juan Hidalgo Estrada and Dolores Alemán Carlín). Manuel’s great-grandfather Juan was the son of Diego Hidalgo Neyra and María Estrada Aguirre. Manuel’s great-grandmother Dolores was the daughter of Benjamín Alemán Vinces and María Emilia Carlín Rivera.

Manuel’s maternal grandfather was Diego Lautaro de Lama Ramírez (the son of Pedro Rafael de Lama Alemán and Ángela Fidelina “Angelita” Ramírez Gaona). Pedro was the son of Pedro Rafael de Lama Otoya and Petronila Alemán Vinces. Ángela was the daughter of José María Ramírez Aguirre and Micaela Lindolfa Gaona Carrasco.

Manuel’s maternal grandmother was Rosa Barreto Ramírez (the daughter of Julio Barreto Ramírez and Juana Ramírez Gaona). Julio was the son of Lucas Barreto and Juana Ramírez Aguirre. Manuel’s great-grandmother Juana was the sister of Ángela Fidelina “Angelita” Ramírez Gaona.

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    He resigned five days after taking office.

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