Ken Baumann

Baumann in 2011, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Kenneth Robert Baumann

Place of Birth: Urbana, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 8, 1989

*father – German
*maternal grandfather – Italian
*maternal grandmother – German, some English, Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, and Welsh

Ken Baumann, also known as Kenneth Baumann or Kenny Baumann, is an American actor, author, publisher, and book designer. He is known for his starring role on the show The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Ken was raised in Abilene, Texas, where his family operated a horse ranch and wildlife rescue. He is married to actress Aviva (Aviva Farber).

Ken’s paternal grandfather was Kenneth L. Baumann (the son of Louis Fred Baumann and Eleanor C. Vick). Ken’s grandfather Kenneth was born in Missouri. Louis’s parents, Louis Henry Baumann and Johanna Moeser, were of German descent. Eleanor’s father, Henry J. Vick, was a German immigrant, and Eleanor’s mother, Minnie K. Wilmesher, was born in Missouri, to German parents.

Ken’s paternal grandmother was Dorris L. Goebel (the daughter of Erwin Carl Goebel and Hilda E. Helwig). Dorris was born in Missouri, and was of German descent. Erwin was the son of Karl/Charles Goebel and Bertha M. Frick. Hilda was the daughter of Henry August Hellwig and Mina Wilhelmina Vitt.

Ken’s maternal grandfather is Clyde Sebastian (the son of Guiseppe Sebastiani/Joseph Sebastian and Francesca/Francis/Frances Fossorier/Froslear). Clyde was born in Ohio, to parents from Vieste, Apulia, Italy.

Ken’s maternal grandmother is Geraldine Verena Heltman (the daughter of William Paul Heltman/Heitman and Mattie Varena/Z. Vickers). Geraldine was born in Pennsylvania. William was the son of Cyrus Andrew Heltman and Elizabeth F. MacMurray. Mattie was the daughter of Daniel Webster Vickers and Lucy Paulk.

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  1. bablah says:

    >Louis Fred Baumann
    >Louis Henry Baumann
    >Johanna Moeser
    >father, Henry J. Vick, was
    >Minnie K. Wilmesher family trees agree that his grandfather is Clyde Sebastian, the son of Guiseppe Sebastiani and Francesca Fossorier, both of Vieste, Apulia, Italy.

  2. follers says:

    I think Baumann may be one quarter Italian, actually.

    His mother was born about a year before her mother, Geraldine, married. lists his mother’s father as Clyde Sebastian. Clyde’s obituary doesn’t mention Ken or his family, but that doesn’t rule it out.

    And I think it’s probably this Clyde Sebastian:

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