Jordan Connor

Birth Name: Jordan Connor Yuen

Place of Birth: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Date of Birth: September 17, 1991

*father – Chinese
*mother – Croatian

Jordan Connor is a Canadian actor. He plays Sweat Pea on the show Riverdale, and has also had roles on Looking for Alaska and Hospital Show.

He was born in Calgary, and raised in Delta, Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. His father has recent Chinese ancestry. His mother has Croatian ancestry.

Regarding a 23andMe DNA test he has taken, he has said (at 26:50):

I mean, there is a lot of Chinese in there and my mother is from Croatia, and there is a lot of Croatian and Eastern European in there. But there’s also Spanish, and Greek, and Italian, and German… and then on my dad’s side, there’s, like, Vietnamese, and Thai, and Indonesian, and Papua New Guinea is down there, and Samoan is down there. For a time, on my mother’s side, her family… her great-great-great-grandfather or something had moved to Canada or America, and there is Native American heritage back there.

Jordan’s maternal grandfather is named Vlado.

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