Johan Cruyff

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Birth Name: Hendrik Johannes Cruijff

Date of Birth: 25 April, 1947

Place of Birth: Betondorp, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date of Death: 24 March, 2016

Place of Death: Barcelona, Spain

Ethnicity: Dutch

Johan Cruyff was a Dutch professional footballer, manager, and coach. He was widely regarded as one of the greatest players in football history.

Johan was the son of Petronella Bernarda (Draaijer) and Hermanus Cornelis “Manus” Cruijff/Cruyff. He was married to Diana Margaretha “Danny” Coster, with whom he had three children, including football coach and player Jordi Cruyff. Danny was the daughter of businessperson and agent Cor Coster. Johan was related to American actor Delon de Metz.

Johan’s paternal grandfather was Herman/Hermanus Cornelis Cruijff (the son of Pieter Hermanus Cruijff and Wilhelmina Christina Selter). Johan’s grandfather Herman was born in Amsterdam. Pieter was the son of Pieter Cruijff and Maria Anna Stikvoort. Wilhelmina was the daughter of Harmanus Selter and Wilhelmina Hendrika Koeleman.

Johan’s paternal grandmother was Dorothea Catharina Elisabeth Daansen (the daughter of Dirk Daansen and Elisabeth Theunis). Dorothea was born in Amsterdam. Dirk was the son of Hendrik Daansen and Elisabeth Koster. Johan’s great-grandmother Elisabeth Theunis was the daughter of Petrus Franciscus Theunis and Dorothea Catharina Elisabeth Hartman.

Johan’s maternal grandfather was Hendrik Johannes Draaijer (the son of Gerrit Draaijer and Gerritje Laroo). Hendrik was born in Amsterdam. Gerrit was the son of Hendrik Draaijer and Grietje van Oort. Gerritje was the daughter of Samuel Arnoldus Laroo and Helena Wilhelmina Tossijn.

Johan’s maternal grandmother was Cornelia Helena van Stelten (the daughter of Jan van Stelten and Cornelia Geertruida van Rijn). Johan’s grandmother Cornelia was born in Amsterdam. Jan was the son of Gerrit van Stelten and Grietje Bergers. Johan’s great-grandmother Cornelia was the daughter of Dirk van Rijn and Cornelia Abels.

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