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Aiko in 2015

Birth Name: Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 16, 1988

Ethnicity: African-American, one quarter Japanese, one eighth Louisiana Creole [African, French], distant Native American

Jhené Aiko is an American pop and R&B singer and songwriter. She is the daughter of Karamo Chilombo (born Gregory Wycliff Barnes) and Christina Yamamoto. Her sister is singer Mila J. Jhené’s parents are pictured here. Jhené has a daughter with R&B singer O’Ryan, who is the brother of singer and actor Omarion; and a son with her partner, rapper Big Sean.

Jhené’s paternal grandparents were both African-American. Jhené’s maternal grandfather is of Japanese descent, while Jhené’s maternal grandmother is of African-American and Louisiana Creole [African, French] ancestry.

A DNA test taken by Jhené stated that her genetic ancestry consists of:

*34% Europe
——–*15% Trace Regions
——–*13% Ireland
——–*6% Europe West
*33% Africa
——–*17% Trace Regions
——–*16% Nigeria
*28% Asia
——–*28% Asia East
*3% America
——–*3% Native American
*1% West Asia
*<1% Pacific Islander
——–*<1% Trace Regions

Another version of Jhené’s DNA test result can be seen here.

Jhené has stated that her father also has German Jewish and Native American ancestry. It is not clear if this ancestry has been verified/documented. Her DNA result contains no obvious indicators of Jewish ancestry. Her DNA result does match 3% Native American roots.

It is also said that Jhené has Dominican Republic ancestry. This does not appear to be accurate.

Jhené has also stated that her black paternal grandparents were “mixed;” which is true, to some extent, of most people of African-American descent. All of Jhené’s paternal grandparents and great-grandparents are listed as black on United States Censuses.

LOS ANGELES – APR 3: Jhene Aiko at the iHeart Radio Music Awards 2016 Arrivals at the The Forum on April 3, 2016 in Inglewood, CA Photo by kathclick

Jhené’s paternal grandfather is George Warren Barnes (the son of George Washington “Jack” Barnes and Ruth Alberta Williams). Jhené’s grandfather George was born in Birmingham, Alabama, to a father from Alabama and a mother from Georgia.

Jhené’s paternal grandmother is Helen Viola Chisholm (the daughter of George A. Chisholm and Helen Imelda Duff). Jhené’s grandmother Helen was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Helen is pictured here and here. George was born in Pennsylvania, to Nelson Chisholm and Sally/Sallie Jane Green. Jhené’s great-grandmother Helen was born in Virginia, to Job/John Henry Duff and Catherine/Katherine Elizabeth Somers/Sommers.

Jhené’s maternal grandfather is named Teddy Tadashi Yamamoto (the son of Soyie Yamamoto and Kimiko). Tadashi was born in California. Soyie was born in Japan. Kimiko was born in Hawaii, of Japanese descent.

Jhené’s maternal grandmother is Essie/Esther Regina Pecot (the daughter of Forest Pecot and Verna Stone). Essie was born in Texas. Forest was a Louisiana Creole, and was the son of Leon Pecot and Regina Prevost. Verna was born in New Mexico, to African-American parents, John Stone and Essie.

Jhené’s maternal grandparents, as well as Jhené’s mother’s maternal grandparents, are pictured here. Jhené’s maternal grandfather’s mother is pictured here, and Jhené’s maternal grandmother’s parents are pictured here. A picture of one of Jhené’s maternal grandmother’s grandmothers (Jhené’s great-great-grandmother) can be seen here.

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Jhene aiko Ethnicity

Aiko in 2014, photo by PrPhotos.com


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  1. heygirlxo says:

    This whole website is a cesspool of ignorance. First of all, my people aren’t African-American let’s start there. The brought over from Africa on slave ships crap is a lie. We were already here. Real American aborigines are “black” people. https://www.britishmuseum.org/collection/object/P_2010-7081-586

    https://www.abebooks.com/ADVERTISING-Amérique-Lefèvre-Utile/22844318356/bd The people who now call themselves “Native American” came mostly from Siberia and they were NOT here first. My people were already in the Americas. We’ve always been in the Americas. Out of Africa theory is a Eugenicist lie. The problem with these DNA tests is they’re labelling mongol invader dna as indigenous and they’re labelling real indigenous American dna as African. For the record my people came with a wide range of complexions and hair textures long before any invasions or mixing. To say all “black” people have just one kind of look is the most foolish garbage I’ve ever heard in my life. Real American aborigines are “black” people and the reason we look different from Africans isn’t because of mixing. It’s because we’re NOT fxxking African. Just like Fijians are “Black” but not African. The Bo people of India were “black” but not African (the reason I say were is because it’s my understanding the Bo people were wiped out by invaders). Papuan people are “black” but not African. Australian aborigines are “black” but not African. Aeta people of the Phillipines are “black” but not African. American aborigines are “black” but not African ! “Black” people are indigenous to the whole planet and guess what didn’t all from Africa! Single point origin theory is the most inane, ridiculous drivel in existence. I really expected people to be more intelligent than this by now.

  2. Multiethnicchick says:

    Whoever edited this page is ——–. Her dna results clearly show that she is tri-racial and mostly white so why does the top of the page have:
    *62.5% African-American
    *25% Japanese
    *12.5% Louisiana Creole [African, French]

    Racist Americans just want to deny mixed race people their right to be anything other than black

    • Oaken05 says:

      Can you quit doing this sh%t on every page? You have personal issues that you don’t need to dump on everyone else. That’s something for you to deal with with your pyschiatrist and/or your god.

    • Ethnicity37 says:

      No, she is not tri-racial. Tri-racial implies a distinct culture which she does not have because everyone is most everyone is listed as Black/Negro. She is multi-ethnic, multiracial and has mixed ancestries. Her father is African-American(lineage/ethnicity) and her mother is Japenese/African-American/Black Creole. You are confusing race with ethnicity.
      This is definition of race:
      A race is a grouping of humans based on shared physical or social qualities into categories generally viewed as distinct by society.

      She acknowledges she is a “mixed person or multiracial” which is correct. Her ancestry is African-American/Japanese/Black Creole
      The correct word is multiracial. Tri-racial is a group of people that have upfront ancestry. If her mom was Black/Asian and her dad was Black/White then she is tri-racial. She does not have a direct European ancestors, just an Asian one, and African-Americans always socialize with already having mixed ancestry. European ancestry in African-Americans happens most time before the civil war because of slavery. She just happened to inherited more European ancestry that can happen( I assume rarely) with people that are a multigenerational mix like African-Americans.

    • heygirlxo says:

      I don’t even think you’re multiethnic. I think you’re a caucasian. Whatever you are, you’re an obsessive weirdo and most of the stuff you say is inaccurate.

  3. SexyBlack 3434 says:

    So it appears that she just inherited more European dna which can happen. I find genetic throwbacks and people that inherited more dna from a certain ancestry super interesting!

    • Multiethnicchick says:

      That has nothing to do with genetic throwback. She inherited Euro dna because one of her parents has a lot of European ancestry. But the United States of racists hate acknowledging white ancestry in mixed race people.

  4. izzybizzy says:

    If you are 25-50% black in the USA you are guaranteed to have fans. She’s very pretty though.

  5. History Guy says:

    Essie, her grandmother, is also known as Esther as well.

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