Jeff Zeleny

Birth Name: Jeffrey Dean Zeleny

Place of Birth: Exeter, Nebraska, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 10, 1973

Ethnicity: Czech

Jeff Zeleny is an American journalist who is the Senior White House Correspondent for CNN. He won a Pulitzer Prize with the Chicago Tribune.

Jeff is the son of Diane and Robert Zeleny. His surname means “green” in Czech. His parents were/are both of Czech descent.

Jeff’s paternal grandfather was Michael “Mike” Zeleny (the son of Josef Zeleny and Anna Bures). Michael was born in Nebraska. Josef was born in Nehodiv, Klatovy District, Plzeň Region, Czech Republic, the son of Frantisek Zeleny and Marie Stelka. Anna was the daughter of Frantisek Bures, who was from Volenice, Strakonice District, Bohemia, Czech Republic, and of Josefa Marc, who was from Frymburk, Český Krumlov District, Bohemia.

Jeff’s paternal grandmother was named Frances Uldrich/Uldrick (the daughter of Adolf/Adolph Uldrich and Antonie/Antiona). Frances was born in Nebraska. Adolf was born in Nebraska, to Bohemian Czech parents. Antonie was born in Nebraska, also to Bohemian Czech parents.

Jeff’s maternal grandfather was Frank Milo Yeck (the son of Frank R. Yeck and Mary Catherine Fischer/Fisher). Jeff’s grandfather Frank was born in Nebraska. Jeff’s great-grandfather Frank was born in Nebraska, the son of Matous/Matans Yeck and Frantiska/Frances Slaby, who were Bohemian. Mary Catherine was born in Nebraska, to Czech parents.

Jeff’s maternal grandmother was Libbie Mildred Svic/Svec (the daughter of Frank M. Svic/Svec and Frances/Francis H. Schultz). Libbie was born in Nebraska. Frank was born in Nebraska, to Czech parents, Vaclav “James” Svec, from Zichovice, Bohemia, and Marie “Mary” Suda, from Pisek, Bohemia. Jeff’s great-grandmother Frances was the daughter of Frank Schultz, who was from Zahajske Lhoty, Bohemia, and of Marie/Mary Fujan, who was from Koryta, Kralovice, Plzeň-North District, Plzeň Region, Czech Republic.

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5 Responses

  1. andrew says:

    some Sudeten German

    Frank Schultz even “served in the German Army for six years listed as Franz Scholz”

    • follers says:

      No evidence of German ancestry or identification.

      • Oaken05 says:

        Well, aside from the surname. I’m also very interested in the background on Mary Catherine Fisher, too.

        Definitely sounds like he could have some German background, and it wouldn’t be all that surprising given the location.

        • andrew says:

          Fischer/Fisher and Schultz are German surnames.

          German surnames are not uncommon in Czech Republic, which was part of Austrian Empire before 1918 and had a large German population until WWII.

          • Oaken05 says:

            Right, that was my point. It wouldn’t be surprising at all given the history of that region if there is some German ancestry. Both Fisher and Schultz are German surnames, obviously.

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