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Birth Name: Martin James Pflieger Schienle

Place of Birth: Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: July 30, 1982

Ethnicity: German (37.5%), one quarter Slovak [with possibly some Hungarian], one eighth British Isles [English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish], one eighth Bohemian/Czech, one eighth Polish

Martin Starr is an American actor and comedian. His roles include the shows Freaks and Geeks, Party Down, and Silicon Valley, and the films Adventureland and The Lifeguard. As a child actor, he was credited as Martin Schienle.

Born Martin James Pflieger Schienle, he is the son of James Schienle, from Wisconsin, and Jean St. James, an actress from Kansas.

His father is of one half German, one quarter Bohemian/Czech, and the rest English and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, descent. His mother is of one quarter German, one quarter Polish, and one half Slovak, with possibly some Hungarian, ancestry.

Martin’s paternal grandfather was Erwin August Schienle (the son of Jacob Friedrich Schienle and Bertha Heinhaus). Erwin was born in Wisconsin, to German parents.

Martin’s paternal grandmother was Loraine Ethel Colbath (the daughter of Wilbur/John Colbath and Rose J. Terch). Loraine was born in Wisconsin. Wilbur was born in Maine, the son of Benjamin F. Colbath and Chiole Shurrey, and had English and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish ancestry. Rose was born in Wisconsin, and had Bohemian Czech ancestry; she was the daughter of Peter Joseph Terch and Anna/Anne Mary Schlais.

Martin’s maternal grandfather was Edwin Ernst Pflieger (the son of Otto F. Pflieger and Mary H. Krzyzanowski). Edwin was born in Kansas. Otto was born in Iowa, to German parents, George Pflieger and Margaret Weigel. Mary was born in Iowa, the daughter of Anton J. Krzyzanowski and Johanna Helen Kozuszkiewicz, and was of Polish descent.

Martin’s maternal grandmother was Frances Lucille Dugas (the daughter of Martin Paul Dugas and Frances Gabany). Martin’s grandmother Frances was born in Pennsylvania, to Slovak parents. Martin’s great-grandfather Martin was the son of Paulus/Paul Dzugasz/Dugas and Anna Grescs/Gresh. Martin’s great-grandmother Frances was born in Felso Szalok, Austria-Hungary, the daughter of Andreas/Andrew Gabanyi/Gabany and Alzbeta/Elizabeth Lizzie Dzugasova Polkorec. The surname Gabanyi likely indicates Hungarian ancestry.

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  1. lildshimmy says:

    I thought he looked Italian with a mix of Eastern European blood at first, but as I looked far back into his family tree, I couldn’t find his Italian roots yet. Maybe there is some of it through the Austro-Hungarian origins of his family?

  2. madman says:

    Martin’s great-grandfather Martin Dugas was Czech, the son of Paul Dugas and a mother whose surname was “Gresh”. Martin’s great-grandmother Frances Gabany was born in Felso Szalok, Austria-Hungary, the daughter of Andrew Gabany and Alzbeta Lizzie Dzugasova Polkorec.
    Martin’s great-grandparents Martin and Frances were Slovak. Martin was the son of Paulus Dzugasz and Anna Grescs. Frances was the daughter of Andrew/Andreas Gabanyi and Alzbeta/Elizabeth Lizzie Dzugasova Polkorec. The surname “Gabanyi” likely indicates Hungarian ancestry.

    25% Bohemian (Czech) —> 12.5% Bohemian (Czech)
    12.5% Austrian-Hungarian —> 25% Slovak, with possibly some Hungarian
    (it has sources attached to the people)

  3. andrew says:

    terrible taste in clothing OMG

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